New seed starting setup! Get ready!

Getting everything in the new tent… super excited!

Tent is 2x4x5, perfect for sitting on the table, I’m getting old and I’m sick of bending over.

Starting inside, then out into the garden and
in 10 gal fabric grow bags.

In Zone 6a…so patience… must not start too early, been there done that… this year seeds get germinated on saint patricks day… good luck everyone.


Great idea! 1 of my tents is a shortie. May have to get her a table to sit on. :thinking:

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well done, those 2x4x5 is a back breaker

First 12 seeds are soaking today!

Once they germinate they go in to red solo cups, the n the next 12 are getting started…

Looking forward to the season since last September…lets go!

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Here’s the update… some learning curve with the new setup… lights were too close at first… looking good now…as usual I’ve run out of room… can’t wait to get them outside

More up potted today…plus FIM’d the tall plants.


New update, plants growing faster than ever!
Potting up to 9x9

Clone experiment started


Hey there, sounds like you’ve got a solid plan in place! I know what you mean about getting tired of bending over, it can be tough on the back. I’m sure your plants will love the extra space and ventilation in the tent. And germinating on St. Patrick’s Day seems like a lucky start for your growing season! Best of luck and happy growing!

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Plants are doing better than expected this season…fingers crossed they continue to be beasts in the garden.

Broke down and plated a few outside in hopes they arent going to be affected by 45 degree lows for a night or two.

All outdoor plants should be planted by next weekend. I can’t wait to see them grown up.

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Plants are now in the garden amd in bags…low temp for tomorrow is 33 degrees in zone 6a.

All girls will be getting contractor bags tomorrow evening. Bags go on my back porch if the contractor ever finishes

Hope this is the final cold night. Girl

June 17th
Plants are doing very good.
Battling pincher bugs, spiders and keeping up my thoughts on daily IPM and I’m uaing Jacks Dead Bug once a week in vegitative stages…dont like spraying once flowers start.

LST for best immediate results, using flexible rubber tubing to tie branches outward using the rings on the fabric pots …this is my most time consuming task…making bonsai bushes or of these girls…

Few days after LST, Trying a bend and twist method on the branches…bend down end and slight twist of the wrist…points the branches further out…cant do on mature stiff branches.

Was going to top again but seeing pre flowers on some of then, and now just going to let them do their thing, maybe, lol.

Veggie Garden was planted last week, tomatoes, beans, peppers, radish, carrots.

Its gonna be a jungle soon! God bless america!

This thead has turned into my grow journal this year.

@VirginiaGrowBoy in case your interested in following. Have a great season.

Today was a feed day, rained and then dried out.

Decided to top several plants today. Had real good success with this method in the past. After watching the “Mendo dope bous” on you tube, im convinced this method is the only way to get the most out of the plants.

Topped all branches on the Blueberry Muffin in the garden, and grape diamonds.

Also topped 4 plants on the porch and all nodes on these plants were pinched.

My neighbor Beth told me this was the way by pinching all the nodes on all the branches…but I though she was nuts. It works on photos real nice.

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July update.

Garden is getting serious tall. Plants are looking healthy except for one that has spots that resemble a magnesium or potassium deficit. Told the wife she could make the sick plant her project. Shes excited lol.

Fox farm nutes 2x per week.
Compost tea 2x per week

Water as needed, but in the heat wave 90+ for 4 days, I’m watering every day.

July update part 2…porch garden.

Looking real good, a couple look a little on the yellow side. However one of the yellows is called “lemon tree” so possibly a normal look, first try with a free seed.

A couple are on the busshy side could be a humidity issue, keeping an eye on them all lol.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next 4 weeks of progress

Porch garden hit by mold…2/8 could finish…6 are a loss…

Also hit with mold on most of my 10gal girls…very wet humid year.

Thinking about chopping 2/4 in the garden.
The purple majik always ripens early, and super paranoid mold is going to spread.

Gonna give it up to being a shitty year and come back again next season…