New pistils need some help

I’m a 72 year old growing my own auto flowers
My question is my plants are getting close to harvest the pistils have turned brown and trichomes are cloudy today I noticed they’re putting out more white pistils and not sure if I should harvest or let go longer need some advice will try to attach a picture


Good Morning :blush: My understanding is that is called fox tailing. Don’t go by them. Go by the trichomes. Fox tailing can be from stress and from genetics. Stress from excessive heat or light being to intense. :blush::v:


Nice buds Brother and just some minor Fox tails, no harm on those. Do you have a scope or mag glass to check the Trichomes :love_you_gesture:


Thank you I did a couple of autos last year and they didn’t do this I have a loop so I’ll keep my eyes on the trichomes

Thank you for the info this forum is the best


Looking at that first pic it looks like the bud is wet.
Maybe they are outside, but water on buds can lead to bud rot. Just be aware.


Given more time for growth, those buds should swell and mature.
A month at least, if you can keep the environment sustaining flowering.

Yes they are outside morning dew they get plenty of sun and air circulation


They’re autos and this is about week 13

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