New pics update week 12 flower 8 + new SSH

update on girls, and new girls for outside grow sorry will kill led next time ed next time

PRT … your plants look lovely. Is the bottom picture the SSH? I ask because I mixed up my seeds and don’t know which was White Widow and which were SSH when I planted them. Hoping to use your picture as a reference when they get big enough to figure out what kind they are.

here is what I have from top to bottom. Hope this helps…
pic 1 super silver haze - new plants
2 white widow
3 gold leaf
4 super silver haze
5 white widow

Week 12 in this photo ?

yes, that is correct. I figure 2 more weeks for most of them I hope.

It looks like the buds has more developing to do , but that can happen in just hours or days instead of weeks I’m sure , anxiously waiting to see buds , and calendar days complete . Have you read where leaving the plants in 3 days of darkness can ignite flowering in the beginning , but also it can be applied in the end of flowering to help strain out the water uptake right before harvesting . I’m thinking I’m gone try leaving mines in the long dark towards harvest to see if the water dries faster in the stem since the plant draws more during that period of darkness as a safe mode , to help speed up the curing . Now I’m no pro , or even certain that this will work , but I have read many have tried this to 36 -72 hour darkness to help speed up flowering and sexing the plants .