New Nodes ? I don't think I've seen it before

Hey guys, I have a question. I’ve noticed that my Gorilla Glue Auto has New Nodes up and down the main stalk and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. I just Harvested yesterday and I’m not sure what to do with the plant now. Will the Nodes grow into Buds? They do have little white hairs but the node itself is a tan color but not green.

I’ve seen growers re-veg their harvested plants. Most don’t. It’s not really an efficient way to grow since grow from a seed will result in a quicker harvest.


@midwifeguy, no not that one. @midriffguy, no not that one either, Hey @MidwestGuy (got it!) can an auto be reveged?



I’m not sure. I’m guessing not since veg is controlled by the light cycle and autos don’t give a rip about the light cycle.


Thanks :+1:

Are you refering to the first calyxes appearing at the nodes when plant reaches sexual maturity?
It’s just a very very ripe calyx…

Well I noticed them just recently about three weeks before I harvested. I’d never had any plant do that but this is the first time growing this strain and maybe it’s common for Gorilla Glue Auto?