New need a little advice please

First off sorry I have no pictures…I have a NL and a blueberry both autos. They have been growing in ebb and flow. The NL started flowing in February the BB the beginning of April. The NL the tricrohms are very small not like the pics I see on here.they all appear to be clear maybe some milky. The pistols are red to rust. What should I do. Again sorry I have no pictures. I used an 80x printers loupe just to see the trichs…

No worries on the pics. If the pistils are turning from red to darker red, it sounds like they’re both maturing. I’d harvest them soon. As to why the trichomes are small, it’s hard to say. But likely something to do with the grow environment. Maybe the humidity wasn’t right. Whatever the case, I bet they’ll still provide some good smoke. :v:

The pics you see on here are highly magnified. Not much for the naked eye to see. Mostly clear means you have some time to go.You want mostly milky, and the red/rust pistols are fine.