New member, new grow, new to autoflower seeds

Thank you for your answer

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Thank you for your information that really helps me. Thank you.

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1 White widow auto FIM’ed and LST’ed and on day 21 from being put in 3 gal pot.
2 Super Silver Haze photos, 1 of which was a twin seed,
the other had a hard time shedding its shell and needed help
Both on day 14 from being put in 3 gal pot. LST in effect now.
Have some tip burn from lights too close and set too high, working on that.
Was using 6 on 2 off schedule until I switched to 5 on 1 off a few days ago.
I’d like to keep the photos in veg until the WWA finishes.
Hoping my lighting schedule can stay the same until then.

Never did auto before, on day 21 now, do you think she goes into flower soon, 4 weeks?
6-8 weeks from then to finish as advertised?


I don’t count the 1st 2 weeks of germ and seedling same as a photo grow. You’ll start seeing preflower starting around week 4, around week 6 from sprout :love_you_gesture:


Thank you! I guess I won’t see any white hairs showing up for a couple of weeks then. This girl should be a real monster by then! I’ll keep spreading her out with LST and removing the shaded under growth in the meantime. I plan on using chicken wire with bungee cords on the corners as my netting to hold her down and keep her from outgrowing my small tent. :sunglasses:

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Be careful with the chicken wire, it’s sharp and can’t sever the the branches you’re spreading out. I would net the the 2 photos and train and tie down the auto since you fimmed her. Looking good Bro. Keep doing what you’re doing :love_you_gesture:

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I had not considered how sharp the chicken wire is to those tender juicy top bits. Always seems to be a good reason people are not using my bright ideas. LOL I’m sending the twin photos 1/2 way around the rim of the pot before I let them rise up and depending on how well that goes I’ll send their sister on a full lap before letting her go. My 3 gal fabric pots have a surger stitch around the top of the pot. I take a razor blade and make a little slice under that stitch and feed my wire through it to pull the plant’s top growth down toward the edge with that. I found that to be quicker and easier than searching for more safety pins like I started with.


@Nicky Auto expert keep me on track, please! I just did some super cropping to my WWA that has not started to flower yet. I just started adding silica 2 days ago, tonight I rolled and squeezed about 1/4 of my branches until they could kink. I put a little support under 1 of the branches that wanted to stay kinked. I have done super cropping before when 1 of my young plants fell and broke the main stem about an inch above the ground. I splinted that one and within 2-3 days she fixed herself and was better than ever. I have been LSTing this WWA since FIMing her and pruning leaves to let light get to all her branches. My plan is to see how well she reacts to what I did to her tonight and continue super cropping 1/4 of her branches at a time until I get them all done.

It’s not a very good pic but I marked it to highlight most of the cropping I did. The branch under the arrow is the bigger 1 that wants to remain kinked so I supported that one so she isn’t kinked 90 degrees anymore. I’ll see how things are tomorrow and try to get a better pic if I can start cropping more branches! What do you think? I am still on track, right?

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I’ve never super cropped an auto so no advice there, I belive it’s a bit to high stress for my liking.
You already Fim’d it it’s an auto and your in soil let the thing grow man.

No need to add silica in soil, save your money. Look up the definition of silica =p


@Nicky Not in soil, in A Pot for Pot Coco with supersoil on bottom mix. Got to love a $40 coupon for more seeds! Just started Silica and Cal Mag water with no nutes for about 2 days now. I captured some runoff from her and the PH was good but TDS ppm reading was err, or off the scale, so made this change until I can get a reading back on scale.

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This girl is strong! I got my tent on a 5 on 1 off light schedule now, was using 6/2 to start, changed for 20 hours of light per day with 4 good cat naps for my girls. She just woke up from her nap and I checked on her. I used the pinch and roll technique and most of the sites I did that too already look to be on the mend. Barely bent, with no sad leaves anywhere. The 1 branch with too much weight above not to kink got a support stick under it with just a slight open break visible on it now. So? I started pinching and rolling a few more of the thinner branches, like the top 2 FIMs. You definitely get some stink fingers doing this! What I am doing is nothing compared to some of the super cropping and just broken branch healing I’ve seen before. These plants are tough and will fight hard to survive, IMHO. She’s gonna get 12-18 hours without me Fing with her anymore now. I’ll see how she looks then, and if she’s doing as well as I suspect she will be, I’ll start pinching and rolling a few more branches every 12-18 hours until I get all the branches done. It’s only the bigger thicker branches that concern me, and on those, I’m going in between the 1st and 2nd node to do my pinching. Then the branches off the 1st node get pinched before any node. Those branches go to the main stalk for a 3 way cropping. I don’t pinch and roll any branches above a cropping until that 1st one heals up decently. I think I have 12 branches on this girl and hope to be done pinching and rolling them all before she gets to her 28 day mark, where I’m told she should start to go into flowering shortly after that. I promise not to stress her anymore once she begins to flower. I’m hoping things will turn out spectacularly with this technique! I guess time will tell and we’ll all learn a thing or 2 about growing Autos. :sunglasses:


Another 5/1 cycle complete and a better pic of some of my work:

Pinched and rolled areas between red dots, some barely noticeable except for darkening of the stem.
Even with the 1 showing a gap in the stem, the leaves above don’t show any signs of stress.
If we get a clear sky after sunrise, I take them out of the tent to get a few hours of real Sun.
If they come out to sunbathe today I’ll get a shot of the 1 bigger branch that stays kinked without support.
If she comes out I’ll also likely pinch and roll a few more branches then.
I want to complete the super-cropping asap and return to just LSTing her again.
I will also water to runoff with CalMag and Si water to test PH and TDS measurements.
Hoping to see her TDS measurement come back into a testable range today.
Now I suspect my leaves tip burns come from excess nutes and not from my lights.

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Sun should be up over the tree and shining in my window by now,
Only have a small red/orange blotch above the tree the rest of the sky grey.
That’s OK as we are supposed to get some much-needed rain today, after 2+ weeks with none.
Tomorrow is supposed to begin another 10+ day sunny stretch!
My outdoor guerilla grow plants are suffering badly, I can’t risk dragging water to them every day. :sob:
That’s why I need to maximize the quality and yield of this girl in my small tent.
@ADK_Guerrila Feel free to tag anyone you think might help me suceed with my 1st Auto.

PH OK TDS ppm Off the chart on all 3!
I guess we all have to learn some things the hard way.
My plants have been growing well and looking good except for tip burns on all.
I figured I had my light too close and turned up to high.
I had never been watering to run-off and testing. I didn’t have gear to test with until last week.
The WWA has A Pot for Pot Coco and super soil mix on the bottom.
The 2 SSHF plants are layered with organic compost/organic compost w/manure/organic compost and then a 1 Gal Pot for Pot mix on top, split between the 2 pots.
I just kept them moist with a full strength nute mix and never watering to run-off and testing.
I think you can guess what happened. I overfed the shit out of them!
The ppm readings are all off the scale. The WWA’s PH was in the 6’s, but the 2 with organic compost layers were both 8 or more! Not good. :-1:
Started flushing with the Si CalMag water I had mixed up PH 6.3 ppm 800.
Used up 2 Gallons of that and still don’t have the WWA on the ppm scale yet! Getting closer maybe?
Now down to flushing with 200 ppm dechlorinated tap water adjusted to 6.3 PH
Focusing on the WWA 1st, and guessing I’ll have to bring the other 2 to the shower and just hose them down for quite a while.
At least those 2 are photos and have time to readjust and recover before flowering.
Glad I finally caught the issue before the WWA began to flower.
Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson and will water with no nutes checking the run-off regularly until the #'s say they are hungry and I restart nutes at 10% making sure the #'s don’t climb off the chart again!


@Nicky No sweat, tag away. I don’t really follow things much I just wait for tags =p
No pinching and rolling today. I splinted the heavy branch that wants to kink.
Worked on getting ppm and PH #'s back on track.
WWA’s PH is good and got her ppm down near 3000 where my meter errors.
Going with plain 200 ppm dechlorinated tap water adjusted to 6.3 PH and testing run-off until ppm comes down.
Both SSHF’s got flushed with 15+ Gallons of tap water each in the shower.
You can basically see the color of the run-off and know it’s still way high.
The color got much lighter after 5 3 Gallon buckets of tap water got dumped in each.
The root systems got exposed and they were looking rough, so I used the showerhead to clean em up and put them back in the tent. After a couple hours they have perked back up. I’m leaving them all alone until tomorrow when I plan to water to run-off with plain 200 ppm dechlorinated tap water adjusted to 6.3 PH and see where the numbers are then.
No point in training a plant that is just about to go into nute overload and die on you.
I did the right thing flushing to get the numbers back closer to in range, correct?

My bad I wasn’t aware the pot for pot was coco.

You had mentioned you want to bring them outside? This risks pests so I would recommend against it, if you get spider mites or something you will not be happy nor will your plant.

Your run off numbers will not be accurate because of the soil on the bottom. You’ll need to take a soil slurry sample of the coco and check it (distilled water) if you don’t know how to do this then YouTube is your friend.

Your PH is 6.3? If it’s in coco that’s an issue get down to 5.8.

Hopefully your outdoor ones get some rain, you need a dirt bike so you can haul water out there on some saddle bags.

I had 3 WWA’s and dropped the 2 SSHF beans.
More reading on this site and learned of a compelling reason to have 4 or less plants in my house.
So, trimmed the shit out of the biggest and smallest WWAs and put those outdoors.
Thought that would keep them small, wrong.

Not sure why, no rain, but when I checked on them 5 days later they both stretched 2+ feet.
Now the rain might miss us today! Nothing but sun forecast for the next 10 days. NO!

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I’ll shoot for that, but if the tips would just stop burning I think we’ll be back in a good range.
I’ve been snipping off those burnt tips but more keep showing up.
Hopefully, that will stop now.

couldn’t get to them on a bike. Lot’s of downed trees and other obstacles in the way.

Like ticks? I get a couple of those or more every time I visit the outdoor girls. Hate that.
Had 3 locations, down to 2 now that some animal (pest) dug up and ate both of them at 1 location.

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Pests as in aphids, spider mites gnats… All sorts of things you don’t want.

Well your getting exercise going for your outdoor hikes. Part of me wants to do a gorrila grow just because it seems more challenging lol. Then again maybe just clear some spots and seed chuck autos.

My indooor girls post Flush:

The SSHF photo girls were flushed rather aggressively. They bounced back nicely today!
“Gemini” is my 1st twin seed I’ve ever experienced. Funny how my LST has them crossing over.
Those roots were covered in Coco before the flush, interesting!
The girls just came out for their morning sunbathing. I’m covering their roots with Coco from the top and getting their LST tie-downs back in place. Gemini will both make a 1/2 lap around the pot before I let them grow up. Their runt sister “Helmethead” will be forced to do a full lap. Both of their bags are still wet, organic compost layers under the P4P Coco layer, so no watering today.
The WWA looks much better, seems to have grown over 1" and I’m not seeing tip burn anymore.
Her bag is filled with 1/3 of a P4P 5 Gal grow media soil mix and is far lighter than the other 2.
She is much drier than the others and all will be going on a plain H2O diet when they get watered.
After a couple of hours of sunbathing, I may pinch and roll a few more of her branches before she goes back into the tent! I don’t think we got shit for rain and “Here comes the Sun” again. Damn it.

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