New lights need some help

Hi everyone. So I bit the bullet and purchased 2 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit for my 4x4 tent. I cant wait. Currently I have two seedlings under 2’ t5 bulbs. The seedlings are only a couple inches tall so far. How long should I keep them under the t5’s before I fire up the new lights. When I do fire up the big boys how far away should they be and how dimmed? Thanks everyone.

First two weeks. Then fire up your lights. You could veg under one light and you can turn it down to 50% power during veg.

Unless they have changed 50% power is all the way to the left on dimmer.

How far away should I have the lights?

Look at the plants: if node spacing is too far apart–lower lights. If node spacing is tight–leave it. Plants in veg need less intensity due to longer duration of light cycle: they can hit their DLI (Daily Light Integral) with lower wattage or higher up or both. Intensity goes up in flower when you have to fit both increased photon flux to flower densely and to meet DLI in a 12 hour light period.