New light question

I have bought two HLG Group 260 Watt XL Quantum Board LED V2- Rspec lights. Have a 4x4 tent. Using a low power light now and want to put one in for veg. How high would you put it to start? The plants are white widow fems starting their second leaves.

24 inches is about the starting point. At lowest operating power. Watch for leaves pointed/curled upwards and any signs of light bleaching first couple of hours. Honestly i think u should. Get em under the biggirl light asap

What about the exhaust fan. Do you run it all the time or off and on. Anyone use the variable speed models? Do the controllers that make a regular one speed variable work?

I have two of those kits in a 4x4 tent. One by itself is just not enough light.

If you run a single fan, the easiest thing to do is find which environmental thing RH or Temp requires the most attention and buy a controller, such as the Inkbird which has 2 functions, that can turn on when Rh is too high or temp is too high. It’s kinda limited environmental control but it will exchange enough air so your plants get periodic C02 exchange. If your plants are little and don’t smell like skunk ass yet, simply open the door to your tent and make sure a fan is moving the leaves.