New (late grow)

I am a second time grower, I had a bad time with germination but ILGM stood tall and replaced my seeds. Then it started going better. I started these Jack Herrr ladies at the same time, June 1 2022 they started life on a damp paper towel. Three days later they all had tap roots approximately an inch long so I got out my sterilized tweezers and put them in peat pods just deep enough to cover them. ( tap roots down of course) then under the aero garden led light 18 hrs per day.after 3 weeks they went in the ground. I am using tap water that has sat for 2 days then I add fox farms linguist fertilizers. The soil I am using is organic soil (25 cubic feet) mixed in a bag of chicken manure (2 cubic feet) and a pound of bat guano a pound of bone meal a bag of perlite

Here I am hoping to have enough time for them to finish here in the eastern sierras at about 5000 foot elevation ( near Lake Tahoe California)


plants are doing good outside…I really like your planter

Thanks, I am hoping the plants have enough time to finish.

Thanks for the comment on the planter box, I made it from old used Guardrail the Hwy dept. let me have and some scrap lumber

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Forgot to mention water PH is a little high at 6.6, I don’t know the soil ph and the TDS is .0089 ppm