New home for my girl

My little girl was getting cold in the spot she was in so i got a small tent for her … i think its way cool. ! I know ill need a bigger light later 15753129055016183896132764398556|243x500


She looks good.


Good luck!

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might be worth your time to move to a bigger pot

Its a 5 gallon one now… a bigger than that… ??

Man, I would seriously look into Low stress training or super cropping. You will for sure be very close on head room if you dont. My first grow was in a 48inch tent. And had to train from hitting the top, and just barely missed that.

@Axemanjake23 can you post or send pictures of what i need to do. And thank you for your advice, I’m always learning and willing to learn from the pros

Here are a few pics of lst. You simply tie her main stock down and any others that grow higher than it.

It gives you and even canopy and lets light penetrate the plant evenly.
Super cropping if I’m correct is the same thing but u roll the plants stem in your fingers a few inches up and down the stock towards the bottom tell it gets soft and you bend the plant over without snapping it. It will form a knuckle there. Check some videos out on youtube. I like watching from seed to stoned. Good grower.


Thanks for the advice i got some aluminum rod from the shop and i made some hoops like u did to lock them down. Thanks again @Axemanjake23

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Sure man. That will give you a even canopy and a better yield. Light can penetrate more evenly.

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