New Growth Turning yellowish Green From Center Outward

Not sure of what’s going on. My guide really don’t show so iem not quit sure. Could be one of three things…

  1. Sulfur
  2. Manganese
  3. Zinc

Leaves are turning inward and falling off.


P.S I have 6 plants like this.


I going with Sulfer deficiency. So I mixefd some Epson salt two tsp to one gal water hopping this dose the trick.

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Wow! I would kind of lean towards the same thing Will.

Have you thought about iron? It really looks a little like an iron deficiency to me.

However I see the edges of the leaves curl and look a little burnt.

This really makes me question the pH in the soil, or maybe more likely – as I think your are sure to monitor your pH, it might be a salt build up in your soil. You might need to flush better, or when you feed/water use more to create more runoff, to flush building salts in the soil, in the drain to waste method.

Hope this helps,


I just did a flush and the run off was…ready for this…4.0 to I flushed I trimed off all the dead leaves and and as bad as they were there is new growth on the stems.
I just don’t know what happened. It was like getting blindsided by a Semi truck. And I did think about it being iron.

They are blurred but you can tell



Your right about the Epsom salt, as well as a possible iron def. to treat for an iron deficiency, mix 2-3 tablespoons of molasses per gallon of water. If seen this in my cash crop as well as my tomatoes.
This often happens with over watering or after a lot of rain fall.

Thank you I will try that in the morning. Cause I just got done feeding them. I’ll let you know how it works out.


I’m not very sure about that advice. If it was not damage from over watering, the magnesium sulfate is probably not going to help, same thing for trying to add iron, and I think you might already know my feelings about molasses, it can actually attract more bugs and create an environment for fungus and bacteria to thrive and may cause more problems than it solves, especially if the problems are mostly from an overly acidic root zone.

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That’s good then because I didn’t have time to do it yet had Dr. appt.s all day. So I’ll just hold off. But I did mix some lime that night that you told me and they do look better so I think the lime did the trick. Keeping fingers crossed.

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Went out to put the girls to sleep this morning and dam if the plant I gave the garden lime too was all perked up and the leaves were reaching for the lights.
Boy I got’a give it to ya Mac. You hit that one right dead on. Thank you so much for saving my plant.

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