New growth red overnight

I had to flush my 30 day old plants due to nitrogen toxicity. The next day they seemed better, lighter green , perkier. Today i did my morning check and see this on one plant.
Did I screw up ?

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Make sure to let her dry out before you water next… I think that might be a sign of root rot but I’m really not sure. When the leaves brown in the center like that, it’s usually a sign. When you rub those marks, does some of it come off on your finger? If so, it might be a fungus.

Let some of the pro’s chime in there. This is just my guess, don’t panic lol.

Root rot is what I was worried about. It’s really hard to find anything that looks like this online. Lots of red/ purple stems, but nothing like this.
I just touched and it didn’t come. I just looked at it again and it actually look better. What do you think?

What strain ??? It indicates stress the purple of stems or end of life but your not to end of life and it looks like u have allot of nitrogen in your soil giving it dark greeen leaves or it could be a mutant plant I have a mutant plant right now with dark green leaves while the other three are not but it’s yielding some super dense towers taking a bit longer

Second one is the dark green plant and as it was growing looked just like yours

It’s a Bruce banner auto. I had a nitro problem and had to flush. I’ve been watering with ro water and didn’t know until I had a deficiency that it will cause that… rookie mistake😅 so I started to give cal mag + 5ml per gallon and it caused it to swing to nitro toxicity. I’m in flower now and terrified to give any nutes

Do u have a ppm pen and ph pen give it water with 1 teaspoon of cal mag per gallon and if you want some nice buds I’d recommend terpinator if your growing in soil to add a teaspoon of that to your water and water one water cycle use your ppm pen to check neuts and then feed 900 and keep that neut number at 900 till they get bigger then flush the plant in 4 weeks to take neuts out and start over every 4 to five weeks should flush all neuts out so u can not have build up