New grower with questions?

Hi im a new grower with questions on if im growing a soild product. I have pics but not real comfortable posting them here. Basically im and outdoor grower. Im almost positive im in about my second week of blooming. Like I said I have multiple pics, just need advice to make sure im right. Thanks

I do not know how to reply to your query. Research how to remove the meta tags from your photos, before uploading them to the site.

Ok these are the pictures I have taken of my plant. Im curious if by my photos you can tell if the care im givin it is proper and about how far from harvest am I? If not thats cool to, its nice to show off what ive grown.

Sorry for the orientation of the photos

They look very healthy. There is no way to tell how close they are to harvest by the pics, they look well into the flower development and developing well, keep an eye on the trichomes.

Thank you. Do I need to prune more or should I let it grow out.

It looks like you already have it pruned to be one main cola each, it doesn’t look like there is a lot of stuff you could prune, maybe some of the small undeveloped stuff that doesn’t have any well developed flowers at the very bottom, that’s about the most I’d take off.

Ok guy’s u helped on first plant now this one. Thlught it mite be from over watering but the purple in the stem is getting more defined. What could this be from. Again its bag seed in soil out side. Miracle grow organic soil.

You have more than purple stems going on here my frirnd. First, your stem could be from over watering or cold air
But look at your leaves, see how they are curling and then the discoloring of your leaves.
I’m going with you ph is out of whack… phosphorus deficiency most likely.
Check your ph should be 6.2 6.8 any other inner is out of whack.
If so you may need to flush your plant with ph water
Solution: Your cannabis plant may show signs of a phosphorus deficiency if the pH at the roots is too high or too low. That is because when the pH of your root zone is off, your cannabis cannot properly absorb phosphorus through its roots. Therefore the first step is to ensure that you have the correct pH for your growth medium. Learn more about pH and cannabis.

Phosphorus is best absorbed by cannabis in soil at a root pH of 6.2 - 7.0. Phosphorus is best absorbed by cannabis in hydro at a root pH of 5.5 - 6.2. If you believe you have a cannabis phosphorus deficiency, it’s important to check the pH of your root .flush your system with clean, pH’d water that contains a regular dose of cannabis-friendly nutrients that includes phosphorus. This will remove any nutrient salts that may be affected the uptake of phosphorus and help restore pH to the proper levels.

B Safe

This plant is right beside her and shows some similar signs but has a vigorous grow. The two different plants are same age but have had insect problem that affected differently. So u say flush with nutrition ph’d water. What about distilled water. Dont have ph meter.

Did you put anything on your plants item looking now at that white on your plants and what did you use on the insects?
We need to know to give you the best dialogues as possible. Item thinking you used DIATOMACEOUS EARTH for your insect control correct?
If so then we’re back to the deficiency.
You really need to get one. You can get one at any nursery or garden center
See if you can get one before you flush. Or click here…®-Accuracy-Approved-Measurement-Resolution/dp/B00FJFEB2O/?tag=greenrel-20

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Distilled water has a PH when it first made is about 6.5. The longer it sits open it will absorb co2, and that will Change the PH again. I might be a bit off its been about 15 years since I worked in that field. Hope that helps.

I am blind, but I believe I see mildew. Environment is to wet. Invest in or fabricate a “sulfur pot”.

I have another plat that is doing very well. I think she should start flowering next couple weeks. This is a out side grow. My question is when well it be good time to do a co2 bomb. After flowering begins or now? I have read that it hekps the plant make tight big buds. And frim what ive read thus can be done for outdoor or undoor grows. But its mainly done on in door grows. Still wiuld like to try it. Your thoughts.
O and thanks with the purple stem on other plant . Have some problem s stell but she stell growing.

Heres a pic she got little nut burn last feeding been flushing last two days. But she is healthy iver all in my eyes well see when the bud cimes

It depends on what you are using, you could use Epsom salts (nothing with perfume or any other additives like they do for bathing salts) or general hydroponics makes calimagic and botanicare makes calmag plus, I think they’re called.

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You need to get rid of the powdery mildew.

Yes, you must get control A.S.A.P
Use any one of these products. But " Don’t " get in on your buds if all possible.
Hope this helps.
P.S. I use the SM-90

B Safe

Plant Shield
Garden Disease Control
Fungicide containing Lime, Sulphur

JMS Stylet Oil
Saf-T-Side Spray Oil
Sunspray Ultra-Fine Spray Oil
Neem Oil
Neem 2
Safer Garden Fungicide
Concern Copper Soap Fungicide
Guardian Angel
Serenade Garden Disease Control OMRI
Safer 3-in1 Garden Spray OMRI
Sulfur Vaporizer
Garden Sulphur
Sulphur Burner
Sodium Bicarbonate
Mother Nature’s Karanja Oil
Concern Copper Soap Fungicide

Epsom salts for garden. Just sprinkled a bit around outer edges inside pots and drinks of cool cool water! It’s been a hot one! The ladies had a flush one time after cause it got very dry Thanks for the support and feedback!