New grower Question about plant sizes

I have 8 Amnesia Haze auto flowers I planted at the same time. They are all different sizes. Will I have to harvest them at different times? This is my first time growing. I’m worried about drying. I had planned on drying in my tent, but I may have plants still trying to get big in the tent.


@Bucketlady knocking this off your bucket list huh??? Lol autos tend to operate on their own individual time clocks so the likelihood of staggered harvests is real. Maybe something like this will work for you, I had to do 3 then 1 due to separate maturities. My tent was the plan that fell through lol.

9 days apart


Every plant is different, even among the same strain. Harvest times will vary as well.

If you want to dry all at once but some plants finish sooner, bag and freeze until the rest of your harvest is done then hang all of them at once. I’d do a wet trim before freezing as the leaves will be very limp when brought back to room temp.

Won’t hurt a thing if it’s for a month or less.


That is dope! Thanks for that @Myfriendis410

contrary wise (lil alice in wonderland humor) you could take like said above and turn that fresh frozen into bubble hash while you wait for your other plants to finish, dry and cure, you can smoke on your bubble hash!


Wow I didn’t know you could do that!! Good to know.:blush::v:


Those look nice great job on the harvest



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Thank you for that info, I didn’t know about that.

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@Vtbudz first 3 came down as the last one went up lol. Every snip with the fiskars sent scents wafting through the room that had me dang near drooling with anticipation. Ready to hit that spark up!!


I had to bag a plant before my aborted bear hunt in Manitoba and my wife and I processed that when I got back.

I now have in jars:

Durban Poison (amazing)
Blue Dream (amazing)
Super Skunk
Sour Diesel
New York City Diesel
Blue Cheese
Maui Wowie
Durban Thai/Cindy 99

to the tune of 42, 50 gram jars of cured flower in the freezer for long term storage. That’s a little over 4 1/2 pounds. Giving it away as fast as I can lol.

Plus 4 more plants flipped yesterday: White Widow (finally!), Tropicana Punch, Godfather OG and Do Si Do. The Tropicana Punch is a monster and the OG is a weak sister compared to the others.


@Myfriendis410 thats a restaurant of fine dining to select from. Wowza!!


oh my goodness. that is a lot of wonderful time in you future. Won’t you be my neighbor…

@beachglass i know a guy … hint hint lol

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