New grower needing some help please

Hey all new grower I think I have a auto flower not sure on strain name or type i grabbed the seed out of some amazing bud a smoked a few years back and now I have a nice 400 w hps cooling tune set up and decide I would see how it went she has come up good and had a few other seed I bought off a friend and got a month in and where all males had a few problems with nutes and keeping a eye on my ph and ec levels tho when I checked up her this morningsome of the leaves where yellow/spots on them I have photos hoping it’s just shock as I have taken my ec levels from 1.3 to 2.0 did I take them way to fast ? And is to much shock to my plant ? pH levels 5.8 day tamp 27.5-28 c•and hummity is 40% can’t get it any higher 400w cooling tube heaps of airflowand fans night temp 22,23 c• and hummity 40% I started them under 4x25 w t5 lights on the 15 sep 2016 and are in 30 L pots with amazing root system I am also using bloom nutes flowering part a and b also , cal , sea fuel, and organic S.W.T.N.R. All in the bloom range please help me …
I have found a little also most golden ant what and how did I get rid of them doesn’t seem to be doing much to the plant I don’t think

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Consider reducing nutrients amounts - just water/flush for 2-3 days. Do you have dry periods ? do you feed 3x’s a week? Your plants will come out of it