New grower need help leaf is Turing yellow

This is sour Diesel autoflower from ILGM being grown in foxfarm ocean Forest soil using fox farm trio nutrients plant is 4 weeks old

Your plant is 4 weeks old if so what light are you using?

I was using this light from Amazon up until last week when I moved them outside

That light isn’t going to get you much. And I’m seeing a ton of the perlite on the top of the plant meaning it’s had a lot of water. Overwatering is just about the #1 issue with seedlings. You also shouldn’t have even had to open your bottles yet as FFOF is loaded with up to 6 weeks of nutrients.

Edit… Just saw that they are now outside. Let the sun do its thing, let that soil dry up a good bit. A plant that size, even if it was 10 weeks old, only needs maybe a few milliliters a day.


This applies to marijuana also

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Okay I’ll leave it out and let the sun work I won’t water it anymore thank you for the help

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Let it dry up for like 2 days. And when you water again, do it in a circle a few inches around the stem. like 2 shot glasses should be enough. Let the roots work and go for the water. Good luck and happy growing!!


What @Borderryan22 said :point_up_2:
Welcome to the neighborhood.

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What kind of water are you using to water with?

At first just bottled water now I have a ph tester and have been giving it 6.5 tap water

Do you let the tap water sit out up capped for 24 hrs before you use it to take the chlorine out.

No I don’t I check it ph test it and adjust then I pour it straight in

But I’m going to try what @Borderryan22 suggested for a couple of weeks and see if things change

The chlorine will kill your plants you have got to let your tap water sit out uncapped for at least 24 hours. I personally leave mine out for 48 hrs.


@danniep40 is correct. When using tap water, you have to let it sit out for 24 hours to dechlorinate. Just fill up your jug/bucket/watering can and let it leave it with a loose lid for a day and that takes care of it.


Just my opinion. If that is 4 weeks old plant a new one.

Reduce water, increase light and NO NUTRIENTS. I never ever fertilize seedlings. Not until my plants are like 18" do I give any nutes. You honestly should start over because auto flowers are on a short cycle. Trust me when I say any autoflower this stunted this early is gonna be inferior. Been there and there’s no recovering


In ur comments u said ur using ff trio yes but are you giving any nutes to ur plants now.cause if u are you need to stop it giving nutes and just use plain water until there bigger cause ff trio is to much for seedlings or very cannabis plants if u want to give ur plant something use molasses and seaweed liquid mixed in ur water

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Agree with @Aussie_autos in no nutrients at this stage and dampening off :love_you_gesture:

I “Brita” my tap water. Set it in the sun uncapped for a day. I need distilled water for other reasons and use the empties to cycle my water. Dem jugs are not UV protected.