New grower looking for help and opinions

new growing just looking for opinions. 75 degrees. Fan. About 2 months old. Using miracle grow spikes. 12/12 light. Cfl bulb with 2 ultra violets. Attic

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That is a freaking male!
You need to remove him because he will destroy the girls by pollinate them and the result will be crappie weed.


I agree with @M4ur there males ditch them start again i dont know if you bought seeds but buying feminized is worth the little extra.


Make sure after you execute those fella’s that you clean everything immaculately, one little speck of pollen left over from those guys could be enough for more heartbreak on the next grow

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It kind of looks like more than one plant there but the close up is certainly male.

Looks like there are some other issues with that particular plant, too. Not that it matters, but the brown, curling leaves aren’t normal.

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I think I saw a open pollen sack, so you need remove him whitout any movement, also turn off any fans you have.
The plants from behind him are looking ok but the quality of the picture is not so great.
You need more light in there! And spread that cfl bulbs evenly

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Welcome to ILGM we are always here to help.

Sorry my friend but you got a male, get rid of it before it ruins the other plants.
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