New grower in need of help

Hey there im a new grower i just put my first two seeds in cups any advice or tips

Hey buddy good to have you aboard but you need to be a Lil more specific on what help you need everyone here answers differently

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Ok buddie to be a lil more specific what steps do i need to take to insure a healthy sprout as in when should i check it or should i just let it do its own thing till it sprouts out of the dirt i will post prgession pics as soon as i have them.

Download and read the grow bible. Read the guides and blogs on the main site. Get a pH meter and tds meter. Look through the many posts here and share your progress as you go.

Many good, knowledgeable people here that really want you to succeed! We get a rush out of seeing successful grows.

After you get help and learn, which will go on until we die, pay it forward. We can all help each other. Even newbies can offer advice sometimes. Don’t feel insignificant because you are new. Jump in and welcome home! :wink:


Thank u for the advice i greatly appericate it an will take note of what u have told me

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Personally I feel the most anxious wondering if the sprout is OK until she breaks the surface, then I get excited .

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Ur so right i check on my girls today an they have germinated successfully they havent broken out of the soil just yet but as soon as they do i will definitely post pics

Alright, I’ll check 'em out when you do.

Sounds good to me thanx for all the help