New grower help needed

CBD Kush auto. Start of week 11 after planting days ago. Can find only a few tricomes that are amber. Stopped notes beginning of week 10. Buds feel firm, to me anyway… looking for more medical body effect. Know the plant will cannibalize self. Want to be sure I shouldn’t harvest before tricomes at at 40 - 50% where I would like or is life all good to wait?

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I’m not sure about the harvest time of CBD and how to tell so I’ll let more
experienced people chime in. Nice plant though.

I dont believe it being CBD dominant makes a difference, could be wrong…

I would harvest when the pistils are 90-95% brown. Should be the same if it’s CBD, or THC.

Welcome. Have a look at this chart:

Nice job.

Continued success.

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So, don’t worry about the leaves, focus on tricomes?

There are trichomes on the sugar leaves. Those trichomes will mature sooner than on the buds. Keep an eye on the trichomes which are on the buds.

Continued success

:+1: Thank you for the feedback

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