New Grower Check up

First time grower checking in. I’ve got one photoperiod (gold leaf) and one auto flower (skittlez) in the tent . The one in flower (?)is the photoperiod which is dwarfed or something (it’s almost 3 months old) from all the stress and trouble I gave her as a baby but the auto flower (6 weeks old) seems to be coming along nicely. I know they are both over watered at the moment but otherwise seem to be doing okay. Tips and tricks welcome.!

Mars Hydro 600
Nutes - fox farm trio + molasses


Looking good

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I might suggest plucking off some of the larger fan leaves to allow light to penetrate the entire plant canopy.


Honestly looks like wind damage on the one on the right. Agree that you could take some of the larger fan leaves on the plant on the left.


Good catch…totally missed that…lol

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Also, can you raise the pots off the ground to allow proper drainage? I use a plant stnd that sits in an oil change pan… collect the runoff and test it if there is a problem.

Late post but following up. This was right before harvest.