New grower! All tips would be greatly appreciated!

When did you last feed, If it has been 4 weeks or so, hit them up as per label directions.

I haven’t started the nutes yet, it’s for flowering stage and they were in the vegetation state, wondering since my females pistils have finally came and starting to get a bit bigger, shall I start feeding them bites to help the flowering stage? I have soil that’s great for the vegetation state, but they said to use the flowering nutes once they start to flower, just wondering if I should start feeding them now?

yes begin feeding

These are my new sprouters I believe from 6/14 not sure what’s wrong with one of them, but anything I can do? I haven’t done anything different with these

The sickly one looks suspiciously like aphid damage. Check under sides of leaves, along the veins, for very small green or dark insects. They can be controlled with Neem oil, make sure to read the label.

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Okay sounds good! Thank you so much!

You got this, dude!

Been about a week since my girls got some nutes, instructions say 1 time a week, they still look either hungry or too fed? What do you think might be going on? All my other ones that are in veg still are green and happy

Do you have cal/mag?

No I do not, should I use that as well? I use this right now

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That looks like a Flowering fertilizer, at this stage you want to use Cultivation Nation® Veggie - FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company until flower. Then switch over to the Fruit and flower.

I see what I think is a deficiency of Calcium, I recommend Cultivation Nation® Cal-Mag - FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

My neighbors a big fisher got me a huge blue fin, I sliced it up this morning, I use the guts and skins for my other plants, was wondering if it’s too much for my girls or if I can give them a little something each?

I think that is appropriate for all of their hard work

Seems like my girls are doing alright, but I have noticed the yellow is still happening and just noticed another burnt end on one leaf, is this a sign of over feeding or under? Only feed once a week which is what the directions say