New grower! All tips would be greatly appreciated!

so ive noticed the one thats doing great has more leaves and has a pretty scent already, the other one thats a stretcher has less leaves and not much pf a scent, i was reading about the males and females, wondering if this may be a sign? the one thats gotmore leaves and is more smelly may be female?

The only sign that you will see is the males have “balls”, females have whiskers.

Sexing Cannabis: How to Tell the Difference Between Young Male vs Female Cannabis Plants ~ Homestead and Chill

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Thank you! Looks like maybe a couple more weeks

Yes true…I got my first pots in a kit from Pot 4 Pot way back when The next seasons after I just went to the local grow supply stores and got Fabric pots in different sizes… I had only one 20G pot for a Photo I grew 2 years ago.This time I’m expanding my Photos to two… :laughing:…I ended up getting 25G cause A/C only had that and smaller and bigger…and The hydro store I bought them from only sells in packs of 5… So I said WTF and bought them…I like the very sturdiness of them and the rings that surround the top rim…for LST or whatever. I usually wash and re-use for years now…but now some of the pots handles are breaking… So we shall see…?

How do you wash and reuse? I was curious about this since you should start with clean pots with new plants

If I were to get some auto seeds, what’s the best soil to use? Or shall I just throw in my garden where I have my tomatoes and beans?

I throw them in the washing machine

Controversial question, rofl. I’m growing autos for the first time outdoors, I used about 40% Happy Frog, 40% native soil, 10% worm castings, 10% HF organic fertilizer.

do you prefer autos over photos? Does it matter when you grow autos or just choose the strain that would do best in that climate

I prefer photos, but living in Minnesota creates problems. Photos will go to flower when day length falls below a certain level, around 12 hours. That occurs in Mn on Sept 21. Most photos have a flower period of about 9-11weeks, meaning between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There are some that mature around 45 days, still pretty risky in this climate.

I see I’m Northern California so it winter nights get to about low 40s was wondering if I should just start growing autos while I’m waiting on my photos

Looks like this one might make it! Should I pick those yellow leafs? It started growing more looks happier finally standing straight

Exactly what I do, Autos are like fast food in a way.

The cotyledons are toast, they will fall off on their own.

sounds good! might buy some autos next week, ill let you know how those go as well

420fastbuds dot com is pretty popular. Apple Strudel strain gets a lot of attention. Mystery Pack is a fun diversion, as you will have no idea what you are growing.

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I’ll look into it! We have some local places where I am that have seeds so I might check those out, I transported my plants to their final pots the other day, forgot I didn’t have enough soil, mixed some of my compost with the soil I was using, hoping they like it, looks like one is starting to open up more, I’ll send pictures in a couple days let them get used to the new room

Awesome news! Let the party begin.

I was gone the following weekend so I let my mom care, she transferred to plastic pots, I was told by some that it’s alright just gotta watch em more, but so far they are growing really good, was wondering im starting to see some aphids and some little black flies, what’s a good spray so we do t inhale chemicals lol

Also the top one the middle is pretty droopy, I’ll take a close up pic, hoping I didn’t do anything wrong

Captain Jack’s seems to be a popular choice for most critters