New Grower. 11 day old seedling check

I feel like these are looking good for 11 days, but would greatly appreciate opinions from those more experienced… Seeds were planted 11 days ago after about 36 hours in a glass of water. Pictures were taken right before they each got a solo cup of water.

2 white widow autos & 2 Sour Diesel autos




Not sure why the one leaf is growing short and odd on this one

I’ve been all over the place with watering…
First I was watering the entire pot as needed. Then, I started to only water a small area around the plant.
Then I read not to water close to the plant so I just started watering around each plant leaving a 3in diameter or so where the plant is as is.
Not sure what the best approach is?? But hopefully whatever I’ve done is working so far


I think I want to try LST with at least some of these if not all. Not 100% sure on when to start? :thinking:

Looking good Growmie, be prepared the Sour Diesels I’ve grown from ILGM were absolute beast :love_you_gesture:

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I’m a new grower as well so take my advice with a grain of salt. You’re doing a great job with these girls. They look happy and healthy for the most part. I’ve found that any leaf deformities are usually due to PH issues. The problem with seedlings, especially in larger containers, is that you typically aren’t watering enough to have the amount of runoff needed for testing. Do you have any way to check your soil PH? Even just a cheap 3 in 1 PH/Light/Moisture tester should let you know if you’re within an acceptable range.

Don’t worry. Someone way more knowledgeable will be along soon…

Best of luck and welcome to the community!


Looks great let them grow abit before you do lst and if ur worried about leaf deformation it can be a genetic trait bit the chances are ot will grow out of it

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I actually bought a 3 in 1, then ended up getting an Apera ph20 per recommendations here, but I admittedly hadn’t figured out how to use it to test the ph of the soil yet

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To test soil ph with an apera ph20. You would want to do a 1:1 soil slurry. Take soil from the root zone. Two inches or more below top soil mix equal amounts soil and distilled water ( 1 tblsp of each) agetate for 1 min. Allow to settle for 15 mins. Ph resulting solition.

This is not necessary this early on. Most plants start out a lil wonky. Its super common. Make sure you have a good rh 60-65% at this time and you will be ok.