New grow tent setup, 1200 watt LED - 4’x4’x6.5’ Tent

This is my first grow journal, I will update with my grow progress often :+1:


Welcome to the forum!

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@CannabisCultureAZ looks like you’re off to a great start. That won’t be a enough light to flower out a 4x4. Just a heads up.


Welcome looks great. Few weeks down the road you’re going to have a full house. Very nice plants good luck

Welcome to the forum! @Covertgrower is correct on lighting.


Thanks for the tip on the lights, I was figuring on upping the lighting later on but so far my girls are loving this light and are growing fast and healthy. Any advice on how much more light to add? I currently have a 2’x4’ tent as well with x2 1000w lights that I’m getting ready to flower. I’ll add some pics of both.

Also some of the strains I am growing:
Most are a mystery Indica strain that I ordered from Asia. 2 are gorilla glue in the small tent, in the big tent I have a Fruit Punch Auto in the middle, two mystery seeds from California, a gorilla glue mixed in there somewhere and the rest are the mystery strain from Asia. (They seem to be a heavy Indica judging from there massive fat leaves) I also have a strain called Russian Snow that I have under another light setup if anyone is interested in seeing that I’ll add a picture of that one as well.

Also today I just germinating a White Widow X Auto Seed & a 00Kush Auto seed as well and I’ll add pics as they grow. I just put the seeds in soil, they both have a little tap root currently.

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Vegging doesn’t take a lot of light, it’s when you flip them to flower it becomes an issue of the flowering footprint.
(Growers lights dot com) Quantum boards are probably the most budget friendly. If you have more room in your budget, Rapid led makes a solid DIY, followed by Timber lighting.
Any of those options will out perform any amazon fixture, for efficiency and lumen output.
Happy growing. :seedling:

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Welcome to forum and best of luck with your grow!

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Thanks for the help guys. Here’s an update on the plants. The are growing fast and big. The auto in the middle is flowering

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