New grow room DONE! (Ok, 95% 😂, need light help!)

FINALLY! Seems like it’s taken me forever to get to this point! My rdwc is up and running! Plants are in!

It’s 4’x8’. There are 6 plants. The lights are 240 w knockoffs of the HLG300L V2 Rspec with lm301h diodes.

There are four in there now but I have another one. Should I just use one over each pair of plants, keep four, or add the fifth with one centered over each pair and two in between?

I was using the other light to get them started in a dwc all together but I can get another light for that if I need to.


Oh, these are 3 different strains of autos and I’m not supplementing CO2 right now but I’m going to do a diy bucket.


I also need fans so I’m interested in input on that as well.

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ac infinity. thats what everyone is going to say. I have an 8" in my 4x8 for exhaust and it is working good. b1412bcbabb53421d0e6b8ada578eacb265889b3_2_666x500 553f8b5f0de07109424f595dab4f162ce44286a0_2_375x500
It is strong and I suppose pretty quiet compared to other fans. I don’t know I only have ever had these.( I’m new) I also have 6" for intake. On my 4x4 I have a 6" for exhaust and a 4" for the 2x2. They are quiet. incredibly efficient and use very little power. The customer service at ac infinity is incredible. The go above and beyond and take care of stuff right away. (think replace entire fans and control modules if there are any issues).

I had mine mounted in the tent but took it out for space issues and it wasnt any quieter and I didn’t trust the tent with it hanging in there.


i put 5 in and only fired up the 5th when I needed the coverage.

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