New grow journal. First time attempt

Apparently full moons will draw pests - bagworms caterpillars etc… that might be another reason why they do it to prevent the damage they cause.

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Hmm? Never thought of that? I just pick a day when they look dun and the weather is changing for the worst.

@kcj haha thanks man much appreciated. It’s been a mission but seem to be going well.

My organic farmer friend swears by the moon Callander appoge and pierogi or something, seed days and harvest days, even indoors he says.
Can’t fool a seedling. And it may be true because I think @Covertgrower mentioned a study they put a seedling in a zero gravity container and it still grew towards the center of the earth due to magnetic pull or something


I Have been trying to check trichomes everyday. I do see the cloudy ones, but also still quite a few clear.
I haven’t seen many amber trichomes yet. I’ll check again when lights go on in 2 hours.

As for my nutrients, I was feeding fox farms trio. I planted in fox farms ocean forest and happy frog. Had to add more soil, cause the roots were being exposed. I ended up grabbing a bag of Great Lakes super soil. Just add water it says. During the middle of the pandemic and I couldn’t find anymore ocean forest anywhere. So I had to substitute.

The ppm was super high so I ended up doing a flush. Helped a bit.
I stopped feeding them maybe a month ago or so bc the numbers were really high. I think it had to do with my RECHARGE that I was adding to water. But not sure.
I started with florakleen added to water, and now flawless finish to help with salt build up. Have been giving just ph water (distilled)

By throwing ph out of wack, you mean like lowering it to under 6ph ?
I’d be drying and curing in my basement. It’s about 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with about 50% humidity. I will be getting the tent so i can mess with the humidity and temp more if I need too.

I’ve heard of all those methods, like the stake through the stalk and ice on rootballs. I wanted to ask the community and see if anyone had any experience with that.

And good luck with everything you have growing on. Really appreciate you taking the time to help. I’ll be sure to tag with more questions.

@Nicky currently watching the video you posted about harvesting in dark.
Like complete darkness or just like minimum lighting?

Don’t think was me, but it does sound like something I would have read though. Lol. So if you find it… just saying. :joy:


It was a couple of us regulars having a deep conversation in someone’s grow journal all the regs were there idk its lost somewhere haha BUT IT HAPPENED!


Leave in complete darkness 48hr
Harvest before lights come, basically as soon as you get into the room snip it quick before sugars rush up to the plant you have less than 2min some say


Man you’re so close to organic you might as well dive into the deep end. All you would have to do is add some organic nutrients instead of the trio. I use an organic 4-4-4 with bat guano, earth worm castings, bloodmeal, and oyster shell (calcium). Usually every 4-5 weeks or so.
In flower (post stretch-maybe during third week add) organic3-7-4 fish bone meal, continue with oyster shell (you’ll need an initial and middle way feeding) and the last couple weeks throw a little langbeinite for your K boost. Just water to ph as needed. I saw terps increase substantially no need to flush ever. Go heavy on the worm castings if you make the leap

Yes you can go either way with ph either real low or real high. It’ll make the nutrients unavailable to the plant (low is easier IMO - takes less than ph up)

Your basement under those conditions would be perfect. I like a light wet trim then I move to a finalized trim as I’m jarring when dry is finished. Your method will alter your timeline of course

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Your grow zone looks fantastic my friend, great feedback from @Sirsmokesalot.
Gonna be a dank bounty Gromie.

Good vibes and good luck for your impending harvest,
keep us posted :v:


Very nicely done mate! You are going to have some really solid buds! You are definitely getting close to lights out! :+1: :sunglasses: :boom:


I got a new toy today! :grin:

Love it so far. So turns out I have 2-3 that I think are ready to be pulled.
The plan is to let them go for today in the light and for tomorrow Tuesday I’ll start them off in the 48 hours of dark. I’m not getting my tent until Thursday but I can at least put them in the dark Tuesday and by Thursday when I get my tent I can just directly chop. I’m gonna build a makeshift tent with tarp and a dark corner. Since it’s only the 3 plants. I’ll post pictures of trichomes too with my new toy.


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Nice I have seen those and been tempted to order one. Looks good probably will order one.


Did u snip a piece off for that. Or we’re u able to be steady enough to take while attached to plant


Maybe they got a stack of stuff to sit it on like I saw @KikiGee use to scope hers.

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I even put the dearly departed to work. I say BS to that ‘you can rest when you die’ idea. :rofl: (not pictured is my ancient beloved Ray Bradbury Short Stories book and boxed inflatable work out ball I have never unboxed when I bought four years ago. Those work well for various heights in there, depending on my configuration. It is sort of like Dr Suess and Lucille Ball had a child and she was me.)


I got it delivered from Amazon in less then 16 hours, for an extra 12$ American. And it shows directly on my phone or iPad. I like it so far. Helped me determine my 3 are about done .