New grow indoor And outdoor

As richard Pryor said - I’m not dead yet Motherf$&@ers!

The leaf curl you’re seeing could be from a number of factors first on my list would be root crowding. Not too late to separate them if you do it carefully. Tell ya what tho you’ll probably get some smokable bud out of those if you flower em.

Heyo my bro… Guess what??

One of the plants turned out to be a mono hermie…

So I was forced to make more space… :grin:

How they looking? They currently almost 3 weeks into flower… I forced it on em :grin:

You’ve got this!


The plants look like they are a nice shade of green. I’m hoping to transplanted and separated them. The end result will be well worth the effort. Keep up the great work and you will be happy with this grow and future ones to come. :slight_smile:
Happy growing…

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