New grow.Hopefully it will be better than the first one


Looks like a great lineup of seeds! Happy growing

One grease monkey,one Bruce banner 2.0 and one candy kush (none is Ilgm)one Bruce banner auto and one banana kush auto Ilgm
The first 3 they photoperiod
All in 5 gallon buckets with a layer of first amendment super soil topped with ocean forest
They look healthy so far


Anyone knows if this is normal ?


Yep, leaves do all kinds of wonky curling at times. My current plants have random leaves with just one segment curled outward. Typically they stop as they mature, but I have seen them do it later too. As long as you dont see all the leaves doing something you are fine.

Ty spiney_norman

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bruces girls and his monkey lol

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Did you germinate directly in the soil. I’ve had a horrible time germinating in water and paper towels

I just use paper towel and put it in a ziplock bag
It works nice 2 days in the towel they all popped and then in soil
They poped in two an a half days all of them

I tried wet paper without the ziplock bag and it dried completely within a couple hrs
Then I put it in a ziplock bag and boom all of them popped no problem

I really love this plant it’s only two weeks old

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First week of Vegetative stage

First feeding for Banana Kush auto,Bruce Banner auto, Bruce Banner 2.0 and Candy Kush
With Bergmans Growtime fertilizer
The Monkey Grease looks smal still
We So I’ll give it another week before I feed it her some pics tonight

And my little monkey :see_no_evil: lol

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Plants are looking good!

Love the shape of these leaves

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I love how things are going for you Thank you for your response

Second week veg they all got a little trim
I chopped all the bottom nodes but left the leaves.I left the top 5 nodes for now

And this weird lookin leaves wtf is that

Todays pics after a light trim last night

They all topped it the banana Kush I toped her everywhere