New Grow, Amnesia Haze Auto, Flood & Drain, Marijuana Booster Kit

Hello all, am new to the forum, so here goes.

I’ve just started a new grow, got 10 Amnesia Haze Auto Fem seeds in a glass of water as I type. Will be putting them into Peat pellets for the next stage, then transferring them directly into a Flood & Drain system, using Gold Label Hydrococo 60/40 mix as a growing medium. I’ll be using the Marijuana Booster Kit as my nutrients.

Main Kit:
Propagator and 300watt CFL (blue light) lamp for germination and veg stages.
3 x 600watt Super HPS lights (red light) for flowering stage.
24 pot Flood and Drain system. (only using 10 pots)
RO water system.
Marijuana Booster Kit

I’m looking forward to the experience and will post and update my progress.
Plenty to learn along the way.


Be patient , learn to listen to the plant , don’t try to rush it , and you’ll do just fine .