New Grow 6th Grow

This is my 6th grow definitely learned a lot and think I have provided my northern lights with support, amble grow room and plenty of light! We are at week 4 since germination. Got these seeds from the site and have no complaints


Ample light and space. Look at the wattage draw from the wall on the lights. Light companies are deceptive on actual watts per light. Some 1000 watt lights actually pull only 100 to 150 watts from the wall. You should be drawing around 250 watts from the wall during veg and 500 watts for flower in a 4x4 space if not more.
Humidity also plays a huge roll as well. During veg it should be 60% plus. During flower 40% or so.
When dialed in at week four the plants can look like this.

Super soil is my go to for nutrients. Works wonders. Also make sure to have good drainage so the soil doesn’t get water logged.


So far so good. Healthy happy n green. :+1:t5:

Looking good; watch that you don’t over water…

Is that one plant or multiple mine is only one. But damn yours looks good

Here my guy at week 6. Looking way better! Does anyone know why my leaves are folding the way they are?

Yup looks like one nice healthy lady. Ur girl is a lovely bush herself! Well done. Did u top her? Those sucker leaves are super developed! And how high is ur light? Also what kind of led?

Your plant is looking good. She has grown a lot.

Only one plant but topped, cropped and spread out.

Is your fan blowing directly on it…?
Those leaves look wind blown… spin the plant around and see if those leaves start to look the same way…
if they do after a day or 2 then you know its wind blown…
But that’s what it looks like…
If that’s the case , then either turn the fan speed down or point it at an opposing wall and deflect your air , indirectly…


Very overlooked. We all get in the ‘airflow is good’ mindframe and forget to advise this. Direct air is usually harmful. Bounce it off a wall or two. Fuzzy be dropping knowledge bombs :+1:t5:

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Yeah I topped any leaves that began to look discolored I trimmed which allowed all the plants nutrients to go to the areas it needed instead of trying to fix itself I do have fan blowing directly on it so just moved fan.

My light is about a foot above it it’s a 300w led full spectrum then higher I have a 200w full spectrum and the. I have a 1000w that I allow an hr a day if I go over an hr it cooks my leaves like crazy I learned that from my last grow. But giving it between an .5 hr and hr allows for my plant to really grow!

I also just tilled my soil to allow great drainage do this about once a week

Thank you for your advice anymore is well appreciated

Could u find a link to it on Amazon? I think u maybe running it a tad close

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The light yeah I raised it up but the crimped leaves now that I
Pointed it at the opposing wall and turned it down is working so much better


Won’t tilling the soil damage the root system?