New grow 3 weeks in

So im 3 weeks today since seeds sprouted.
I planted them on the 15/12/18. I sprout them in coco plugs and placed in dwc system pretty much straight away (18/12/18). I’m just wondering if this is decent progress I feel like things should be moving slightly faster considering it’s a dwc grow. Maybe I’m just being impatient. Plants are Blue Cheese feminized from ilgm, I’m feeding them advanced nutrients 3 part at about 600ppm in RO water. I’ve noticed leaf stems have a slight red tinge to them. Possibly underfeeding? What do the hydro guys reckon? Am I on the right track? Growth doesn’t seem overly vigorous like I’ve previously experienced. I’ve bumped temps up to 30 degrees and lowered humidity to 55% hoping that might increase transpiration. Any advice on increasing growth rates?


I would be topping them like crazy at this point…
What nutrients are you using… ?
I wouldn’t go over 600 ppm at this point… plants still look young… but they probably need different ratios of nutrients… so tell me everything that your using and how many mill to a gallon of water of nutrients that starts with a ppm of 0…

Cheers for the reply.
I’m using advanced nutrients GMB 3 part ph perfect bumped up to just under 2ml per litre yesterday, B52 at 0.5ml per litre and cal mag at 0.5ml per liter and 3/4 scoop of great white root powder all adds up to 600ppm. I topped all 4 plants yesterday getting ready for the explosion I’m used to in previous grows. Maybe I’ve pushed them too hard too quick. @peachfuzz

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Does anyone think they’re a bit small for 3 weeks or are they on the money? I’m trying to get everything right on this one but theres always something that pops up.

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Your on the money that’s for sure your doing a great job I would top them to the bigger ones then the little guy in the back should catch up well u top the bigger ones

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They look good so far… I think they are where they should be at that time frame… :wink:


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Mine sprouted on the 15th of december and heres where im at @Bjg


Looks awesome and healthy a bit bushier than mine and no red stems I’ve got 3 days to catch up. What nutes are you running and and what ppm level. Think I need to change from advance nutrients. I’m thinking of using current culture for my next run.

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Im using the gh flora series and my ppm was 950 i topped her on jan 2nd and did res change this past sunday and just upped her dosage

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This is my best of four in better light. She’s a bit droopy cause she’s snoozin at the moment. I topped all four yesterday plus upped the nutes. I think I was under feeding them trying my best not to over do it. My goal is to fill this tent to the brim. Fingers crossed.


They really grow good in the buckets 3 weeks pretty good man

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What strain are you growing?

Jack hair og. True og blueberry kush super man 1 and 2 Afghan reg purple Maroc and then mystery one

Purple haze i got from ilgm

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Yea I can’t get from them yet hopefully soon everyone like there kush