New grow. 1 plant with issues

So this is my second grow. First grow went horribly. Started with infested dirt from Lowe’s. Get the girls repotted, and a bully boxer mix decided my plants were her personal digging hole. The ones that survived succumbed to bud rot because I left them too long in humid conditions. I got 10g from 5 plants. I’ll just call it a learning experience. Now I have two Girl Scout cookies extreme auto, and 2 White widow auto. One of my white widows is showing signs in the leaves have a problem. The other one is a little runty, but growing. GSCE look good so far. I’ve searched on the web and haven’t found pictures with this exact issue. If anyone could help I’d greatly appreciate it.Uploading: 93159F3B-A073-438C-AD50-DEDB8B161F1D.jpeg… Uploading: 2A04D17B-08CB-4DB3-9499-83FC5DCAAD80.jpeg… Uploading: 9EA671BA-BE5B-4F92-9523-1D18C17ED61D.jpeg…

You didn’t wait long enough for the pictures load.

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  • Light system
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K thanks.i will.

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