New glh 600 led,, no instructions, 16 days into flower

I just got a glh 600 h quantum board, since it doesn’t come with any manual or instructions and 1 can’t download the app on my iPad because it’s deamed not safe to download, at what height should I start the light? And at what intensity ? 4x4 space, 4 plants16 days into flower. Present lights are Chinese leds, 1200w, 2/600w burples at 18”. Thx in advance

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Start high. Is it dimmable?

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Yes it is dimmable

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Ok, those blurples prob have an actual draw of about 520 total.

Might be good to start the qb’s at 75% power (or slightly less) and 26" with your plants’ age and tent size…



That sounds pretty reasonable to me. Even 50% power may be good target for a few days to get acclimated.


I’m by no means an expert but I do have a 450w LED light over two plants. It’s too small for two after one of them has gotten Huge. Two auto flowering may fit. But back to your question, I’ll attach the light schedule I have. My personal advise is just watch the plant and keep moving it closer after maybe 3 weeks. Lean towards the light being closer than they recommend. Clearly, very clearly, my plants love being closer than they recommend in this chart. Perhaps I’m losing the “best results” down the road but these plants love that light and are kicking butt!!!