New Beginnings - First Grow

Beginner here and looking for some insight on recommendations for products based on my budget and space. I have some autos coming and a $400 budget for necessities.

up to 3x4, up for recommendations on size.
Looking at FF Ocean Forest for medium.
3 gal fabric planters sufficient?
Light recommendations?



@dbrn32 for your light @eekl337 :+1::kangaroo:


On that budget I’d suggest starting in a 2x2’ tent with one plant. Throw in a qb288v2 135w light (which will eat up half the budget but worth every penny). I’d bump up to 5 gallon cloth pots which are cheap. Add in a 4” fan for exhaust for that size tent. All links are just to get an idea of what you’re looking at.


I’d like a 2x2 on $400 budget too.


Go to the growershouse website and in the upper left, select custom tent configurator.
On the next page, scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Let’s get started.”
Select 2x2 for your size
Select HID for your light
Select soil for your medium
There you go - a complete setup for $421

Pasted from the web page:

Included in this Grow Tent Kit:

  • Plant House Indoor Grow Tent - 2’ x 2’ x 67"
  • Growers House Carbon Filter 4" x 12" 200 CFM
  • Active Air 4 inch In-Line Fan 165 CFM
  • 4 inch x 25’ Black Lightproof Ducting w/Clamps
  • Silver Flex Duct Tape – 5 Yards
  • Hurricane 6 inch Clip Fan - Classic Series
  • Sun System 150w System with Ultra Sun Lamp
  • Grow Crew 1/8 inch Ratchet Light Hanger (Pair)
  • Titan Controls Apollo 8 – 24 Hour Dual Timer
  • Grower’s Edge Large Display Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • 2 x Growers House Essentials Round Fabric Charcoal Pot - 3 Gallon
  • 2 x Gro Pro Heavy Duty Black Saucer - 12 in
  • Grower’s Edge Soft Mesh Trellis Netting 5 ft x 15 ft w/ 6 in Squares
  • General Hydroponics pH Control Kit
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Also - 3 gallon pots should be fine for all ILGM auto-flowering plants.

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do you have a closet you can use? if so, you can spread out the purchases and set up or build the closet for a 2x4 space and run it similar to mine except with only one level. also you dont have to get everything at once. you can get the exhaust setup without a carbon filter for the first 2 months of veg. **take note that sometimes even in veg the weed smell is strong, so be prepared to need the filter sooner. you can get some veg lights in there which are much cheaper if you go with a 4 bulb t5. get some 2 part sensi grow (later sensi bloom) and that will keep your ph perfect and feed throughout veg. later get 4x qb120 boards and driver for under $200 and that will do it. the 120 boards do not need a heat sink and are extremely easy to build. heres a cheap exhaust and filter i found that comes with a few other odds and ends. but if you buy everything little by little as the plants grow, you have 2 months or more before you need everything. hope this helps. also heres my 4x2 both with the quantum board and t5. i got the 6 bulb but it was too much. had to cut it down to 4 bulbs.


Welcome to the forum @eekl337
Nothing is set in stone. I TOTALLY understand having to work within a budget. Different situations call for different things. I’m off the road about 1/4mile, so I didn’t waste money on a carbon filter, didn’t need it. This being said, I just dropped 3grand for my new flower room. My suggestion would be to get the absolute best you can afford. This will keep you from having to upgrade every time you turn around. Also, for the 3grand. I DIDN’T have it. Get a cc with no interest for 15-18 months. What I did

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Thank you for all of the replies and information. I would like two rolling if possible but it seems that will require a slight jump in budget. Imagine I will have some growing pains that may lead to some dead ones so I am hoping to start at 2 if possible.

Glad to be here and thanks again for the friendly community.

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Ended up germinating 3 GGA and 2 SSA and have em in FF OF now in a 32x32x63 tent. Ended up settling for a 2000W King LED. About a week in soil and all 5 have sprouted and seem to be doing well. Any app recommendations to safely take pictures with meta stripped out?