New auto seed in germination, need help

What kind of light? How many wall watts? 23" is way low for a plant that size, I had same problem when my light was way too low. Removed one light panel and raise light, problem solved.

I can’t really help so imma gonna sit back and just read the comments. Best of luck.

That doesn’t look like wind burn. Maybe @Myfriendis410 can give use some insight. :+1::+1::+1:

@low thanks

@Budz Thanks :blush:

@NavyVet420 I can not get high cuz my tent is 2x2x4

I though we were all here to get high???

Either way stick with autos for that tent size.

Any way my old plant is in better place lmao :rofl:


So is over or under water lol :rofl: the other plant was feed same

@NavyVet420 can you see how far is the light and how healthy is growing the other is not light problems

@MrPeat You sure is not wind burn

I saw this somewhere else too. Let’s remember that this is an autoflower plant. They have little tolerance for mistakes such as overwatering early on in life. Given the nature of these images, I’d say put another seed down. You could finish this out maybe…but i doubt it will yield anything decent even if it does pull through. Esp in soil. And I imagine you would also transplant? That’s just another stressors that’s gonna delay/hurt your final yield.

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@TheAlchemist thank for checking but if is Overwatering how the other plant are healthy and is no transplant in this she was in 5gl pot from seeling to vegetable stage one night I move the fan on from of the plant and from that night until now she look like that

This 5 days ago

She get just one night like that

That how star wing burn first the leaf on top affect and the the rest if you guy don’t believe me look how that start

From the pictures I have looked at doesn’t look like wind burn. I am no expert at identifying. I usually call on @Myfriendis410 for clarification. :+1::+1::+1:

I believe that this could be issues with over or undereatering based on how the plant is presenting itself but I’m also curious…is she root bound? When you run autos you usually wanna try to grow them directly in the pot they will finish in for a few reasons but mostly to prevent stress. Its possible that shes just tired of being in that little cup. Also…you’re using a clear cup. Roots do not like light too much. If the roots are getting bound up or even close to it, I’d consider a transplant with minimal watering to see what she does. The wind burn component? Try not to get stuck on that.

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@TheAlchemist I understand but in my growing I don’t have transplant plants they grown in the final home

Are you planning to finish that plant out in the clear cup shes planted in?

That looks like too much water for sure. Examples. medium_weed-under-watered under-watered-cannabis-sm medium_over-watering download

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@TheAlchemist she go out I don’t go to lose time on her auto if they don’t recovery in 3 days is over cuz they have short time to stress

When over watered you can see it and feel it in the leaves. They leaves will be rounded and hang like they are too heavy from the stalk. Dry feels dry and curls twords outside.