New 2 this help

Hi my name is John I’m from New Zealand
I’m a new grower and am wanting to learn how to grow the goddess flower sent from a higher power we call marijuana.i want to start from seedlings but don’t have any just wondering if anyone has any spare seeds out there.i am currently growing a few plants at the moment the strand is from the white rhino strand but the problem is they were closed so am wanting to start from scratch.any helpers please I will put pics up of them later.

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Sorry I was meant to say my plants were clones

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Time to sow now , get seeds from this website they have great genes, that’s wat I did n got them into nz easy as


Trust us it sux alot of us wish we could meet bur these policies are in place for out safety. ImaginE if you put a address on here you could potentially have thousands if people who now know where you live and grow. Or if someone happens to be policing the site you just gave yourself over on a silver and green platter


Hello ppl,
Imma 1st time grower and have a question or 2 … I’m growing ww auto in coco coir using home and garden coco specific nutes. My plants are 2.5 weeks old from seed are they big enough for this stage ?

Oh … I’m also using 2 1500w led lights in an 8x8x8 room I built in my garage .