NEW 1st time growing, (found /bag seeds)

First time grower here, with no idea what I’m growing
I believe I have Indica and Sativa growing side-by-side,…but really have no idea.
I am just at the end of week 5/beginning of week 6 of flowering tomorrow.
what you guys think?

I’m definitely going to have different “ripening times”
And they are all inter-woven with a training then bud supporting SCROGS lol

Let me know your thoughts

Here is my 2x2 tent;


Looks great. My first grow was nowhere near as nice.


Btw, welcome to the forum

Thank you

Well I can tell you that is marijuana

Glad to have helped

Seriously that is impressive since you have no idea what it even is…nice job

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Looks great! Welcome to the community!


Thank you so much for the warm welcome.


You’ll be smoking it before you know it! You are doing fantastically

Thank you Mr.wormwood
Thank you

I am just waiting for Tricombs to tell me what to do at this point.

I am finding it difficult to be patient

Is the 48 hours off prior to harvest something everyone does?,…is it a necessity?

Please give me your feedback if you wouldn’t mind.

Thanks -Dave

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