Never had a edible

Yes, I agree. Photos are much bigger plants, hence more weed.

So can a photo stativa be grown in a compact way? I’m sure if it it it will take now square footage. I guess what I an asking is can you grow a photo in say a 2by2 foot area?

I do it all the time. My grow tent is only 2’×2’×5’ high and I’m growing a sativa right now, no problem.

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They tend to grow tall though do they not?

They do, but you can LST, or SCROG them which takes care of the height.

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Do you prefer statics over indica

Personally, i prefer a sativa. Indica puts me to sleep.

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Same method growing as the other

No difference. When you’re ready, I’ll hold your hand if you like.


I’d like that. So I could still use my 300 watt for one photos

That’s exactly what i use. No problem. Although, I’m thinking about getting a new light for my next grow. I got talked into buying a quantum board.

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I have no clue about that. Info overload. I’m afraid to ask because I do not want to be up half the night thinking. Lol

Lol, I know! I don’t understand it myself, but it sounded real good.


How do I mark your name for quick reference if I need you to answer a question?

Just put a @ in front of my name @raustin. Like that.

Okay Mr. Rustin. Got it. You have been delightful to chat with as usual. My PH meter comes Thursday so I’m going to make organic tea and use it to supplement my grow. I’m sure I’ll have questions.

I’m a Mrs. Austin, actually. Lol Not that it matters. This has been a delightful conversation on my favorite topic… weed! Now go make your brownies. :relaxed:


I known man. That is the prob with autospell. I hope whoever envented it gets his name wrong on his tombstone. Ill be in touch

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I know, right? I hate it.

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Be good. Ttyl