Never grown before

We’ve never grown before. These are auto flowering purple granddaddy. I am worried that they aren’t doing as well as some of the very full plants I’ve seen on here. Grown outside from seed to now. Planted on 5/22. Not sure if these are ok or what else we should be doing besides making sure they get sunlight and water. Would love suggestions.


I would suggest a more cannabis friendly soil such as, fox farms, coast of Maine, roots organic, sohum, mothers earth and many many more. Good soil starts it all.


How often do you water them and what kinda soil are they in?
They both apear to have been stunted some how and began to flower small.
Not alot we can do to get them any bigger but we can try and figure out what went wrong and improve with the next ones…


@1HappyPappy :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::fire::fire::fire::100::100::100::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up: that’s the truth my dude. Autos are fast and fun but it comes at a cost. Need your environment and soil dialed in to reap the benefits of autos for sure.

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You have some very healthy looking plants! I don’t see any signs that you have done anything wrong, I don’t see signs of overwatering or underwater, it just looks like those plants didn’t get what why wanted from the soil. Cannabis is a very hungry plant and demands a lot from its medium.

I think you did a great job for the soil they are in.

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Thank you! Thought we were doing right by getting organic potting soil mixed with container soil. We will have to look in to some of the other soils suggested. We are in upstate NY so it’s been super humid and hot outside. Started two seeds inside and they didn’t do well at all. How often can we plant? Can we plant another set when these flower? Hubby was watering them a little bit every day and trying to shield them from rainfall. Then I told him what I had read here about letting them have a wet/dry cycle so we started watering like every two to three days - not tons mind you. Guess we need to read more. Thank you!!

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Idk how anyone can say its the soil without knowing what soil it is :confused:
It could be just fine, do you remember the name associated with what you used?

It could very well be the soil had low NPK levels and just needed supplemental nutrients, but to know for sure one would have to know what it actually is, not just what it looks like :blush:

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The wood chips are an indication that the soil is not intended for cannabis. It is a cheap method for adding bulk to potting soil and you won’t find any cannabis soil suppliers using wood chips.


Howdy Tsalk
What sort of water are you using?

I am also in upstate NY, 20 minutes from Rome. It has definitely been hot and humid, even my vegetables are not liking it.

We used Miracle Gro Container Mix and Back to the Roots Organic Potting soil - half and half mixed together. We have a well so we are using our well water. Although lately it’s been just the rainfall because we’ve been getting so much of it! I ended up moving the plants so that the edge of their containers catches rainfall from our gazebo roof but the plants themselves are sheilded under the roof.

This post is from a noob so it could be totally considered as such

Think of this plant as a a tester to see what helps and what doesn’t.

The soil is important but, you are already in flower at say about 8 to 10 inches on an auto, you, likely, will not reap a lot from this experiment but you can certainly use it to get a feel for how she responds to different things ( watering practices, nutes, etc

I of course hope I’m wrong, and that you get a ton of weed from it, but I think that bell has been rung. I would personally try to learn as much from this plant, and get weed friendly soil, perhaps some fabric pots, and used the things you learn on this plant in the future grows

Next time I would suggest using photo seeds. Many of us have fallen for the narrative that “autos are faster, easier and somehow better for beginners. This is a false narrative