Need trim and leaves

Not sure how to ask this.
I am new to growing- my plants just started feb 11th. I started in order to save money and have more control over what strains I use and quality. Single mom, work ft and school ft so I watch all my pennies.
I want to start trying my hand at oil, ointments, lotions etc. I know from research trim and leaves work best. I want to get a jump on trying my hand at the lotions during my spring break (from college). I am looking to find some trim and leaves. But I can’t really say hey I need to “get” some trim and leaves. So if this is not ok please remove- but I am looking for trim/leaves around lets say central Indiana outwards to Ohio, Kentucky, southern Michigan, Illinois.


I got you. Remember my screen name. I’m in Ohio close to Columbus

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How do you make lotion or oil out of trim. My daughters will love me if I can make them some good lotion lmao

are you talking specifically sugar leaf trim or fan leaf and leaf tips from sugar leaf also ?

Thats a good question. I have a cookbook for lotions and it just says trim. I will dig further into the book

I will get you some recipes. I have a cookbook I got on amazon for it.

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Thats only a few hours from me. Def will get with you

Where about are you in relation to Ohio? Recently I have found two male plants, so I will be chopping them and you could have the whole thing


Yikes. Bit far for me sorry

I can come to you. Are you in ohio?

This is borderline sharing personal information and trying to arrange a meetup. Please review forum policy

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I have ways around sharing info just like everyone in the Oklahoma area did. There’s about 10 people give or take that meet up and swap seeds. You’ll see people from over there that say " thank you for the seeds or it was nice hanging out again. The have a thing called Bergman lab that if you pay $200 then it’s just like Facebook. You can share all the info you want. Just as long as you pay. I think it’s bullshit

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This isn’t bergmans lab, and it’s the only time I’m going to point that out. I don’t really care how you feel about it. If it happens somewhere else it’s out of my control. If it happens here, will be dealt with expeditiously.


Dude im sorry. I didnt realize it was cause drama.
I know better for next time

Just so I know- are we allowed to message other members? I dont see that option. I’m just curious so it doesn’t cause any disruptions

It’s ok @MamaVivian. what @dbrn32 what about us people who are on a shoe string budget and can’t afford the fees for Bergman lab. We just get left in the dark. For saying stuff to me you should go back ever everyone in the midwest who isn’t in the lab that meet up and swap seeds and hang out and reprimand them

Again @MamaVivian I have ways around the rules the give us poor folk. I got you

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There is no messaging function available here for members, sorry.

You can put a @ in front like @MamaVivian and that’s as close to messaging we get