Need suggestions for my outdoor grow


Anyone suggest I do any kind of techniques or what not to increase yield and potency?

This plant is 4 weeks 5 days old and I think it is an autoflower since I smoke alot of auto flower strains and it is growing fast (could be photoperiod tho).
I have had the seed for a few years and it seems to have germinated and sprouted strong. Anyways I am accepting all suggestions for what I should do.

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I’m set to watching

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Look good so far.

What soil is it in?

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@illuninite…whatever you are doing, it is liking it.

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I used some soil from my garden since I didn’t bother buying soil.The soil has more clay than you’d want, it is filled with many different fungus microorganisms, it has compost, and I just added more soil to the pot with some soil in the front of my house that I probably should have used first.

I just found three giant spider mites on my plant this morning and removed them, my plant now has a couple tiny rust spots sadly.

Thanks bro, it is my first grow.

One of the problems with growing outdoors: exposure to the elements and critters.

Try Uncle Jack’s Black Bug spray…lots of folks recommending it.

I find tomato dust, works great at keeping the bugs at bay, your plants are looking fine , so they must be loving the soil and what ever else your doing, i only grow outdoors, so have to keep an eye out for bugs.