Need some opinions on grow lights

OK, this thread has become a waste of time. And is not helping the OP, so I am out.

Sorry I’ll slunk into my corner and berate myself for not being one of them……

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You wear Nike’s?

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I’ll help you with some facts

Sourcing components from another country does not mean lights are manufactured there.

You just haven’t looked. This easily verifiable.

This isn’t even the technology that HLG uses. Samsung tech they use is considered flip chip.

You never asked me or just weren’t smart enough to understand the answer. Model binning does indeed exist. Here is clear example i have from cxb3590. Same led, bottom bin minimum 9000 lumens top bin minimum 15000 lumens. Same type of data exists for Samsung components, I’m just going to find it on your account.

Wrong, see above.

A different cri doesn’t necessarily change the efficiency of an led. The efficiency changes because more, less, or a different type of phosphor is used to create a different color appearance. This can create a situation where less light passes through, but the ratio of heat watts to par watts is the same.

Who said hlg was only company testing their lights? I’ve posted independent lab data from other companies long before you were even a member here.

If these arguments are best you can put up I’d consider asking for time and money back. If the US had a competitive component I’m sure they would consider using it. For those that want the highest level of performance, this is what’s available.

@Mosca let me ask you this. Why are you putting so much energy into one of companies that gives you the most information about their products and not all of them that attempt to sell you on lies?


I would think that given the amount of money spent on their products in this forum alone they would send a representative to this free space to answer any and all questions once and for all. Does HLG give kickbacks or large discounts to uppity ups that recommend their products? Money talks and …………

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Who wants to run a light on 60% because 100% is too strong? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: to save $20 on the electric bill after spending $1000+ for the light.

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Asking for money back, face palming is your way of being a mod and moving things forward positively.

Kinda like the rest of us arent allowed to have an opinion judging buds. You have to engage with member to be right all the time.

Where are those components made?


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In order to this we would have to be affiliates with them and have individual discount codes that belong to use. Much like “dude”, and nothing of the sort exists here. One of the mods reached out to get the members a discount, but due to nature of the offices affiliate agreements they decided not to move forward with implementing. Even if it was a thing here, it would go towards operating costs of the forum, not to any of the forum staff.

Got anything else?


I know I won’t be missed here……

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I could have sent you on your way already, would probably have been the most positive impact on this thread. Instead I decided to respond to your falsely stated facts, so that others reading understand your comments are not factual.


This is an led driver, not a light. Where was this component shipped to and built into a light? If/when you have an issue, where is the person you’re communicating with? Where do you send your light for warranty work? And where are they shipped to/from?


In my day, the flip chip was a flat sided component meaning a computerized solder required.

Yes samsung makes that flip chip diode.

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I bought a Scorpion Diablo for my 4x6 closet grow knowing full well that in all likelihood I would never use it to it’s full potential. I still feel it was a smart purchase, and I have several reasons for that.

First, since I have a MiniSplit ductless A/C-heating unit in my growroom, I have the option of adding carbon dioxide one day. I currently have no intention of doing that, but it’s nice to know I can if I change my mind.

Second, I sometimes end up overcrowding my grows. I try not to, and I’m better than I used to be, but I still get into a pickle now and then. It’s really helpful to be able to raise the light 24 to 30 inches or more above the canopy to get a wider footprint and have several turns of the knob left to increase the output enough to maintain the same DLI.

I’d rather have something that exceeds my current needs and can accommodate future needs than something just strong enough for today. Aside from that, I really like the results I get from them.

None of this was meant to be argumentative, just an explanation of why I did exactly what you asked about in your comment.


These diodes are most efficient at around 75% of rated peak. I run my homemade lights at or around that value for my peak and have no issues with dense flower. So; I’m one.


A lot of nonsense went on with this thread @Myfriendis410 but I still learned a few things from you and @dbrn32. I’m glad you let the conversation go on to the end. I’ve been gone a while so I’m way behind on reading all these.