Need some opinions on grow lights

Used to be, it was said that Hlg did independant testing, the “only one”. Wasnt true, at that time, 4 others, light manufactures, had their lights tested at the very same cali labs. Most of this info was researched in aug 2022. When i was bombbarded with Hlg gate keepers when joining.

One of the posters on my grow room ceiling! Lol


Where do you come up with some of this stuff? :man_facepalming:t2:


Thank you

Everyone knows the inventronics drivers are from china. Nobody said in my time here that they are 100% american made with american parts and products. There uva lights are the only light that im aware of made in china. Its a 125$ light. Was not happy to discover that myself. But all there main lights are indeed made here in the good ole usa. You can see videos on line of how there boards are assembled. Top bin is a thing, its not a myth. Certainly is more american then the mars!

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Yeah thanks I was enthralled by your writings. Your insight on a conversation I gave up on yesterday is very enlightening. Thank you for bringing this cutting edge information to the forum. I know I’ll sleep now. :call_me_hand:t2::call_me_hand:t2::100:
Trust me a $125 light isn’t breaking my bank it’s the principle but again thanks for bringing The Light!!! :innocent:

Sorry i cannot get on here everyday. Only in response to your statement. When you say there chinese made but can watch videos of there assembly, should be enlightening! Not going to argue with you, im not here for that. Goodluck with your mars. Although that is chinese, still a nice light. :+1:

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If your only going to be negative on this forum then y r u here? I obviously read your comments. How else would i know your 100% wrong statement?

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As stated, good luck to you.

I’m not wrong some of their lights are made in China. I don’t care how much they cost the components used. HLG BUYS AND SELLS LIGHTS MADE IN CHINA!!!

The facts, hlg in business 6+ yrs .

I have stated that they assemble lights using chineses parts in other threads.

Assembled product is correct statement.

Deny that both chinese drivers have not been used at one time by Hlg. Its simple, google “where are Mean Well light drivers made.” Do the exact same for Invetronics light drivers.

Deny that as of last year 7 plants make the samsung diodes 4 ROC Republic of China Taiwan, Taipei. 2 in China, and 1 in Austin tx as of 2022.

I am comfortable saying that between light drivers and diodes that those parts are not fabricated by HLG, means they didnt make those parts.

In my opinion based on research, they are assembled in the usa.

Fatz. Do you cut copy and paste. Two places patents are recorded, CN abbreviation, is china in the european patent system. And usa. China doesnt fall under USA patent laws, both have international laws that pertain to both. If you google
This number, the patent will pop up for you to post here. Do you cut copy and paste?

Since you have electronic experience, why don’t you build a light made from all USA components?

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Bought a Hlg light with chinese driver. No need to make one.

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@dbrn32 so my notifications are just going to be continually blown up by people shrieking I’m wrong? It’s like gang warfare around here. whatever I know how the mob works…….

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I’d love to see the income statement of a worker at HLG gluing diodes to a board and a person flipping burgers at McDonalds that would be my comparison. I’d bet 30 pieces of silver there is none. $1,200 light :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:

The person putting diodes on boards at HLG is trained to operate a high tech equipment that puts the boards together. There people screwing the components together though. But given a choice, I would much rather be working in a Tennessee plant than one in China.

You might suggest that to HLG, using all 100% usa parts to make their assembled lights instead to their customers.

I dont have an issue with HLG, they assemble a line of products that produce well.

Once more I’m going to remind everyone here to maintain a polite discourse. You are wasting the Moderators’ time with your childish behavior.


I am not the one complaining about HLG! Where they get their components. Or how they run their business.