Need some help with my plant

I have a banna kush that i have been having problems with from day one i get it to go away and it keeps coming back here some pics. When it first poped up it had a yellow spot on it and it look to have a magnesium problem i get it fixed but it keeps coming back all my other ones are doing fine

Your plant looks fine based on the pictures you put up.

Thanks in the second pic there some brown starting to pop up so is that normal

Thanks in the second pic there is some brown starting to pop up is that normal

Looks like light bleaching to me. Are the affected leaves closest to the lights?

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No lights aer about 18 to 20" from lights been like that from day one

I’ve heard the kush strains tend to be cal/mag hungry so you may be correct. Even if you’re supplementing it, it may still be locked out depending on your PH. It’s best to fill out a support ticket if you can but at least try to tell us if you’re growing in soil or not and what your PH is.

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The run off of my soil is between 6.3 and 6.4 im thanking i need to add some calmag

The run off is between 6.3 and 6.4 i thank i need to add some cal mag

Hell yea. If u havent that is the most obvious problem. Do u water with city tap? (Notorious for decent cal mag and other micronut levels but fluctuating pH’s and chlorine that u should let sit 12-16 hours to evaporate)


Yes i do but i let it set out a few day befor i use it i add some cal mag hopfuly it goes away for good but i dout it ill just have to deal with it its still growing like all the other ones

Im i supposed to be puttin cal-mag throughout whole growth?

Not necessarily. Some do. Depends on ur water source. City and well water have loads of cal mag usually. Distilled and RO water do not so you have to add it in supplements

It depends on if u are haveing any problems and what kind of water u are useing i just have one that i have had problems with from day one

I see some red stems too, which may just be due to genetics or even colder night temperatures, but it may also indicate a P deficiency. I’m by no means an expert so wait for others to chime in but mine were showing similar symptoms and I added some mild strength boom boosters high in P and the red stems started going away in just a few days.

Day 72

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