Need some help, please

Good day to all!
Long time reader, first time posting, 2nd grow(I won’t even mention #1 as it was a completely different method)…
I’ll try to keep to the format used here but may miss a few things…
Apologies in advance.
I am raising some ladies from clones, strain unknown.
I am growing in a soil mixture recommended by the original farmer. I don’t know percentages so I’ll list the ingredients by volume. This mix filled 10- 5 gallon buckets.
Buckets are drilled for drainage and bottom layered with Vigoro “Better than rocks” plastic weave.

-6- 32qt bags Vigoro potting soil
-10lbs- peat moss
-30lbs- worm castings
-8 lbs FF Happy Frog A/P fertilizer
-8 lbs Neptune’s Harvest crab and lobster shell
-16 qts organic perlite
-6 lbs organic blood meal
-6 lbs organic bone meal
-top dressed with worm castings.

Once weekly FF Big Bloom as recommended.

Full sun. Buckets rotated 180 every Monday.

Soil pH is checked daily/every other day and varies between 6.8(majority)-6.6

Water is well water at 6.6 pH.

Watering every other day with approximately 1 gal per plant.
No additional nutes.

I don’t test run-off pH as this is new to me from reading here and I don’t water to run-off(seems like overwatering for my set up)

I’ve read most posts regarding these spots and curls, but none match identically which is why I’m reaching out to you pros.
I’ve seen the “ailment chart” that is posted a bit here, but hasn’t helped me recognize the cause.

I realize my soil is set up for a long, slow, release so I’m hesitant to start throwing nutes at it.
My easiest fix attempt would be to relax on the watering first. Unfortunately mom nature doesn’t always cooperate.
I’m hoping all the pros can come to the rescue here before flowering.
Apologies again if the pics didn’t upload properly. I’m old and technologically impaired.
Thanking all in advance.

Have you checked for bugs?

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Ty for the quick response.
I have. I have been proactive this year with CJBK at 1.5x strength.
My area is ripe for leaf hoppers, spider mites and inch worms.
The CJBK has been working well compared with last year’s crop.

I think its insects as well.
Overall those are fine looking plants. I see no nutrient issues.
Leaf curl is probably heat stress. Rotating plants puts leaves in sunlight that maybe were shaded before. I personally wouldn’t rotate them but I cant really tell you a reason other than nature doesn’t do that.
Using bug spray a lot you might have some critters that are immune so perhaps switching up the type of spray you use in your garden area would knock them down better. Just my 2 cents and its over priced at that! Lol

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I would put holes in sides of buckets, too. Need good drainage. Check the runoff numbers. Check under leaves for bugs.


I thank you very much for your $.02. It is definitely not overpriced. Rotation. Dang. Obviously nature doesn’t do that. Ty. I’ll give that a shot as well. Ty for the compliment on the girls!

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Wasnt trying to stop you. Who knows right?
Maybe continue to do one or two and see what happens. You may find it has some effect. Even if its negative it wont be catastrophic.

Ty beachglass, i thought about that but opted not to. I was afraid the soil would run out but I’ll give it a go on at least one. Ty for the welcoming.

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Nope. You are correct and it wouldn’t be catastrophic. Thank you for the input and support. Anything is welcome at my experience level. I’ll keep an eye out for Dinsdale for ya!

welcome to the community

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Thank you. I’m so happy I found y’all. Great advice and good people all around!

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