Need some help on lighting

Question from a fellow grower:

  • Strain: gelato

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): fem

  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor 67% RH 70° F

  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): coco coir with perlite

  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: soil PH is 6.5

  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): general hydroponics 3/4 of recommended dose cal mag

  • Light type & schedule: philzon 600w veg switch only right now 18/6 schedule

  • Temperatures day & night: day 70° night 62%

  • Humidity day & night: day 71% night 64%

  • Ventilation: 6" carbon exhaust fan

  • AC: none

  • Humidifier: none

  • De-humidifier:none

  • Co2: unknown

Please post my questions for experts, I need help lol im having issue with growth pertaining to height, plenty of leaves. Only use veg switch on light shoulds I be using both switches? About 16-18" away from plant, please help lol

I use a LED with switches as well. I was told by someone on here to veg switch only just for a few weeks and then have both in for the remainder of the grow

Your PH for coco should be 5.5 to 6.0 with 5.8 being the sweet spot.


@Redemption032 I have no experience in doing that I’m a noobie but just from the threads ive stumbled on looking up high stress training it never looks right after doing it you should be fine… Almost looks like a knot? I would just take some pics and make a thread

No that’s a form of super cropping. And it’s supposed to form a knuckle. If this is your first grow I don’t know if I would be experimenting with such techniques. There is tons of information here as well as some really good guides to read.


Turn both of your switches on. The bloom and veg switch.


Usually when you bruise the stalks and branches your doing a manifold grow making your plant grow flat on a net or trellis. Work on pulling of 4 grows so you know your setup and what to do when something goes wrong and got your trim and cure down. The devil’s in the little details that only apply to your climate and your setup and what you use to grow.
You are going to want to upgrade your light for sure you will out grow it in no time.
Best advice ever is don’t be cheap on your light’s and ph meter and get reference solution to calibrate your ph meter and check it regularly this alone clears up a great amount of problems i had some very expensive lessons not doing this good seeds are expensive and it sucks losing them and getting a poor harvest
Good shit in good shit out right
Hope this helps you and good luck

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The others have you set. The veg portion of your light is mostly blue light I’m guessing, that will promote squatty plants.