Need some help 1st grow not sure what's causing these brown spots

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Looks like magnesium deficiency. The light green/yellow is lack of nitrogen. What soil/nutes are you using, and do you know your runoff pH and ppm??

I’m using bottom 3rd of 5 gal pot mixed with one pound of nature’s living soil auto flower mix and coco loco rest of pot filled with coco loco and I’m amending with compost tea made with unsulpherd molasses and nature’s living soil girl flower power also been giving Epsom salt here and there yesterday watered in at 6.55 ph run off was 6.3 not sure about the ppm

I would say either magnesium def or a manganese def

Do you have a TDS meter? They do look hungry - but I don’t want to suggest adding anything in the off-chance you’re facing an over-nutrient lockout instead of the deficiency it looks like.

This may or may not be helpful but I find myself staring at it often anyhow.

Also, looks like you may have light burn issues. The top bud looks bleached.