Need some advice on nutes

Should i go ahead fertilize? My PH averages 6.3 to 6.5 last runoff readings and my tds readings are from1670 to2090. Was under fertilizing up intill last week. water day is tomorrow, should i just silica and rechargeor go ahead and fertilize? @Graysin @Borderryan22 @MidwestGuy @Newt @Myfriendis410 Ihave 5 godfathers and 4 dosido’s in the 5th week of flower using Jack’s 321

It would be great if you had some pics. We love pot porn pics

Unable to get any pictures tonite lights off . I’ve got picture on Donraq’s thread from last week.

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I would water only for the next one. Jacks comes out to about 1000tds for me so if your runoff is 1620 to 2000 or so thats pretty high. I would not want mine higher then 1700 after the feed at highest. Overfed is alot harder to fix then underfed.


And make sure your watering to a decent amount of runoff, 15 to 20 % of what you put in.