Need some advice on a homemade project

I built my own hydroponic system and need advice if it will even work right. I have 4 5 inch by 5 inch vinyl fence post 8 feet long. I drilled holes for 4 inch netty pots. the holes are 6 inches apart. Im going to set it on a timer to flood those tubes around 3 to 4 times daily with nutrients.Will the roots have room for proper growth, Or should I skip every other hole? Or am I just wasting my time? My first grow with this is going to be Suprt Silver Haze with 2 1000 watt lights.

As a sea of green method fast veg 3-4 weeks from clones the system would work just don’t expect to grow monsters with less root mass. Systems like you describe have proven quite effective though you will need to work out some kinks like water cycle veg time so they don’t over grow and crowd each other out.

Thanks for the response Donald. If I would skip every other hole with plants would they possibly get bigger or not?

Sea of green can be a very effective growing method your plants will get slightly bigger in that they can be left to veg longer without crowding each other out too much think along the lines of how bushy do you want your plants to be that is basically how much you want them spaced. If you have holes you don’t use be sure to cover them so they are light proof to prevent algea and root damage from the light. This mainly depends on what your goals are do you want one single massive kola per plant or many if you want many letting your plants have space and fill it works with every second hole

Sounds great man. Thanks again for the advice.