Need opinions about 1k hps lights

I’m trying to figure out if 1k hps lights draw up alot of power. From what I researched on the 1k hps/mh lights have 9 amps and 120volts When a dryer is about 30 amps running 220 volts. Now if this is true if you use a surge protector wouldn’t the surge protector cut the power in half or at least some?

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A surge protector only protects from a power surge. It Can’t be used to reduce power consumption. @dbrn32 might way in with his expertise.
Your 9 amp draw on a 120 volt ckt is 4.5 amps on a 220 volt ckt.
My electric costs 16 cents /kWh and my bill for light /fans /etc runs me just over 200$ /month.
I’m using a 1 k hps/mh set up.


A surge protector will not cut any voltage or amperage. All the surge protector does is prevent voltage surges. If voltage surges too high, it will trip the fuse on the protector which, in turn, protects everything connected to it.


1000 watt hps light is just that, 1000 watts plus ballast losses. So maybe 1050 or so on digital ballast. Their will be full load current labeled on the ballast, 9a on 120v model sounds about right.

An electric dryer may be plugged into a 230v 30a circuit, but usually doesn’t quite pull that much. A surge protector will not drop the operating voltage or current any.


Thank you. I did not know power surge only protects from power surge I learned something new. @Oldguy My bill was a little over 120$ and was wondering if the lights drew that much power and it’s .10 cents/ kWh where im at. @dbrn32 do you think there is a led light that will match 1k mh/hps lights? If so what should I look for? I kinda want to only use 1k hps light for flowering since I’ve heard with led lights there the best for Veg stage.

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For 1 light?

Like 100 of them, how much do you want to spend?

What are those people smoking?


1 hps light, 1 house fan, 1 ventilation fan (too high to remember the name of it lol), and 1 led light that’s all I’m running. Most I wanna spend is 700$. I had saw it on a different forum lol they were having a debate over hps lights and led lights. Also I kinda exactly know what I’m going to do with couple plants in both tents for next grow. 2 plants autos under led light in 3x3 tent either 4 or 5 gal pots. With the 5x5 tent I’m going to have 5 plants up 1k light. 2 photos in the back since they will take longer to grow than autos and have 3 autos up front of tent. The 2 photos will be in 7 gal fabric pots the rest will be in 4 or 5 gal pots. Just not sure what to do when they get into flower to either just let them flower under led light or move them with hps light.